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Izax Veteran Progression Rankings

3:24 am, March 7, 2018 I am creating this thread to track clearance of the Izax encounter in veteran mode. Seeing at the 5.8 'master tuning' iteration of Izax is likely the most challenging content we have received and will [..] View

Mercs and Maras in ranked.

3:24 am, February 25, 2018 Let's talk mercs and maras in a general sense in ranked. As a brief introduction I do not want this to become a "nerf merc" or "nerf mara" or a QQ fest about how they are OP, but i [..] View

I'm bad....how can I help?

3:24 am, January 24, 2018 Before we even get started, I realize how horribly sideways this thread can go. I'm hopeful it'll stay at least marginally productive, but if not, I apologize in advance... Recently returned player, [..] View

Petition For 1v1 Ranked Queue class specific/dps role only

3:24 pm, December 14, 2017 So I've wanted this for a long time, I've heard multiple players ask for the same. Let's start a petition for 6.0/7.0 to bring a DPS class specific 1v1 dueling Ranked Queue. It wouldn't be that hard [..] View

Where is the sense of THIS?

3:24 pm, December 8, 2017 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ej...KqFGVwUZm5BnY3 I could write a full poem about why that situation is pointless but i think this screenshot gives it all. Ranked PVP means competition right? [..] View

Thank you Bioware! Group Ranked has revitalized the Ranked atmosphere.

3:24 am, December 3, 2017 Don't ask me what it is. I'm not a crafter. But to my understanding, a certain material to create the new augments can only be obtained through ranked.... and as of right now there is a bug with solo [..] View

Introducing the Winter 2017-2018 FOTM Open - A Dueling Tournament Hosted By Razinon

4:24 pm, October 23, 2017 The Winter 2017-2018 FOTM Open Dueling TournamentPlease help determine the date of the event by voting for when you would like the tournament to take place here.Here's a link to the previous tournamen [..] View

Petition to change top 96 titles

4:24 am, August 5, 2017 Dear Eric, Keith and combat team. We don't want "on fire" title for 9 months of waiting. We want normal top 96 titles with advanced class name in it. Something on the level of "All-gal [..] View

OP Classes And Counters

4:24 am, July 25, 2017 In light of all the QQing on the forums, the "Nerf this, Nerf that!", and just simply complaining. I would like to ask this question: is it really the class or is it just you? I'm not scre [..] View

Leaderboards not updated for 5 years

4:24 pm, March 15, 2017 Musco, I know you said you informed the devs but that was 4 days ago and leaderboards didn't update even after maintenance, WTH is going on? I know class balance is hard but is leaderboarding even har [..] View

Introducing The Spring 2017 FOTM Open - A Dueling Tournament Hosted By Razinon

4:24 am, March 14, 2017 The Spring 2017 FOTM Open Dueling TournamentThe FOTM Open was conceived in such a way as to eliminate all variables except for one: player skill. The setting, rules, and format were meticulously laid [..] View

Petition to rename merc/mandos to one name Meowerks and class race limit to cathar

3:24 am, March 10, 2017 This is a great idea takes care of the want of being able to play one class on both sides now you both be equal and can play both sides. plus it best describes you on the battlefield. Be like a wh [..] View

Regs have gone to ****

3:24 am, March 8, 2017 Seriously, *** is up with regs? I finally got my 3 ranked chars up to 1700 or higher for gold and started q'n regs again last week. Every match has been either a sure win or a sure loss. I've actuall [..] View

5.1 pvp is totally unbalanced

3:24 am, February 18, 2017 Number one when 5.0 came out was fun again to pvp. cheats were at a minimum. Now back in full force. Now the Imperials are totally over powered the snipers and mercs. Plasma probe can't get out of i [..] View

Petition for Unassembled Components

3:24 pm, January 28, 2017 Can you guys also add rewards to finishing Uprisings Flashpoints and Ops? Well not everyone plays PVP and not everyone can run ops. The people who do Uprisings ang FPs should get rewards too to work [..] View

Petition to nerf Merc/Commandos. please comment to support!

3:24 pm, January 22, 2017 I think by this point anyone who regularly plays pvp knows that this class is very unbalanced compared to every other dps class. They are the highest dmg dealers in the game, while being ranged, which [..] View

[Petition] Increase the amount of Command tokens from Solo

3:24 pm, January 21, 2017 As posted here http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=911530, the amount of command tokens from Solo is 5 - Solo Ranked Win 2 - Solo Ranked Loss Given the difficulty it should be to increa [..] View

Petition to change 5.0 gearing system

3:24 pm, January 6, 2017 The old adage fits in this situation: When it's not broken, don't try to fix it. No one ever complained about the gear set system prior to 5.0 once the devs made the grind easier for gear sets and [..] View

Request for ingame intervention when hacks are reported

3:24 pm, December 23, 2016 Many times recently and in the past individuals have provided instructions on how to hack right here via the PVP forums. This has only made hacking even more of a problem than it was before. let's [..] View

Make ranked PVP include 8v8s again

3:24 pm, December 23, 2016 4v4s ranked PVP has never lived up to what it was meant to be. Some reasons why: 1. Many classes cannot participate in ranked 4v4s. Due to severe class limitations and/or weaknesses they present [..] View

The "new content" is not new

3:24 pm, December 1, 2016 I played through all the uprisings and done ~5 DvL bosses. All of those bosses use the same mechanics that already are in the game, heck even the same sound for abilities. Few examples (not even con [..] View

There is no best pvp class! Stop asking.

3:24 pm, November 17, 2016 I have noticed countless threads of people asking which class is best in PVP from a competition perspective and will pick a class because people rate it in PVP over a Class you like the like at or enj [..] View

Which server to play on?

4:24 am, October 23, 2016 Hey guys, Me and some friends are resubbing. We all really like to PvP so we were wondering where to go for the fastest pops/best ranked competition. We all got auto-transferred to Shadowlands, but I [..] View

council of old players

4:24 pm, October 22, 2016 old ranked players talk about coming back to swtor . Most argue they are against it because of lack of new blood in pvp lack of competition and the game catering to casual pve . they seem very jaded [..] View

Target Enemy Arena 1-4 hot keys

4:24 am, September 11, 2016 Right now there is Target Group Member 1 - x, and that is great for healers. However in WoW arena, I do not touch my left mouse button once I enter the arena. Having enemy target hot keys is really [..] View

Shadowlands faction wide Imperial Dueling Tournament!

4:24 am, September 1, 2016 Come one and come all, we are holding a faction wide Imperial dueling tournament! Hosted by the guild <Globaled Warming>. Huge prizes, judges for all matches, stiff competition, and brac [..] View

Class UP'ness Poll

4:24 am, August 24, 2016 As is common with pvp forums there are hundreds of "buff this" or "X class is up" or "X ability is up" threads. Let's take a poll of a class's up'ness: As is common wit [..] View

Ideas for tweaking pug PvP

4:24 am, July 15, 2016 I wrote a post as a reply to the "PvP a day" thread, but realized near the end of it that it would probably be better to put it in a thread of its own. Note that the ideas I'm proposing ar [..] View

About faction inbalance : "The Dark Side attracts younger players"

4:24 am, May 23, 2016 Hello, everyone, I already posted that in the PvE area, but since most PvP players remain here and rather rarely look into the PvE sections, I'll repost it here : Accortding to a study "the dar [..] View

Petition to Give Sorcs the Ability to Fly

4:24 am, May 23, 2016 Sorc mobility is just too limited. Phase Walk was a good start and arguably provides some degree of tactical leverage over other classes. However, Phase Walk has one major flaw: Melee who survived you [..] View

BW representative explains why Alliance Proving Grounds is popping so much

4:24 am, April 15, 2016 Thanks to Alienware guy for asking in a petition why the Alliance Proving Grounds warzone is popping so much. His petition was answered, and here you can see it for yourself what he was told as to [..] View

PLease read this bioware Part 3**-Powa to de players! and stabalize pvp and economy

4:24 pm, April 9, 2016 Hey so several things ive noticed Rishi Arena NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP BIOWARE That rishi exploit has caused many people to suffer severe rating losses because of either match throwers or people explo [..] View

Petition for Ranked 2v2 Arena

4:24 pm, March 25, 2016 Hi Guys 4v4 Team Ranked are *****. Please implement an 2v2 Ranked Arena and Arena Skirmish 2v2. In combination with cross server queue the best you can do for this Game! Please /sign Thanks and s [..] View

Position Exploits in Voidstar

3:24 am, March 7, 2016 I was in a voidstar match (imp vs imp) and an opposing player claimed another player (sniper) was exploiting a location. Or referred to the situation as an exploit. Anyways, it was at the 2nd door a [..] View

Petition to Improve the Sorc/Sage healer in PVP

3:24 am, February 22, 2016 As long as we're in a petitioning mood, I thought I might draw attention to the most woefully under powered and poorly designed spec in game- the sorc healer. Weaknesses: 1)Light armor.... Tf biowar [..] View

Petition to improve the Operative/Scoundrel Healer in PVP

3:24 pm, February 20, 2016 I thought it'd be a good idea to create this post alongside the one for Mercs/Mandos (you can find it here) I've put my reasoning behind the stuff in spoiler tags so that your brain won't explode wh [..] View

stop asking for crossserver, theres another big thing we need....

3:24 pm, February 18, 2016 ...to do before we, the community, may demand things:We need to be much more social As a matter of fact, there is so much toxic in this community, that pvp does not appeal much casuals. In fact, it d [..] View

Petition to improve the Mercenary/Commando Healer in PVP

3:24 pm, February 18, 2016 Since we are in the petitioning mood now, I thought I would create a petition that centers around something close to my heart as well as many others. That being the underperforming, underwhelming Mer [..] View

It finally happened to me. A team of 4 healing sages in a 4v4

3:24 am, February 16, 2016 Seriously. Matchmaking is needed so badly, it's just *********** stupid that this even occurs. Our team wasn't much better, we had 2 healing mercs and 2 dps. The enemy team had 4 (FOUR) healing sag [..] View

SWTOR PvP & PvE issues

3:24 pm, January 31, 2016 Devs, please read. I hate the fact that we are stuck with +41 crystals. This ****** the Artifice crew skill. Now we are stuck with level 50 crystals. This can be fixed and it may **** some people [..] View

so this is very fun ... but those of you "we love to play with friends" ...

3:24 pm, January 19, 2016 Well i have been monitoring and reading threads on the forum about balance, premades, etc etc etc.... I have to say, that the amount of people going: "We wan't to play with friends, bla bla bla& [..] View

Duelling Competition Hosted by Star Whores - January 30, 2016 at 6:00pm Server

3:24 am, January 10, 2016 "Who will be the winners? Who will be the corpses? Audience, place your bets!!" Duelling tournament will take place on the Begeron Colony in the <Star Whores> stronghold. C [..] View

Solo Unranked Queue

3:24 am, January 3, 2016 Please!!! At least give it a try and see what the feedback is. Losing with the winning team all having 66 kills to an average of 5 for the losers over and over again is not fun. And before I get " [..] View

Nothing can be better than cross server queue (regional) for PvP.

3:24 am, December 20, 2015 I say regional because i don't see it happening otherwise without lots of lag, which people from outside of N.A. or E.U. already have. But let's be honest here, nothing fixes pvp more than increasing [..] View

Questions about duelling/PVP from a MMO newbie

3:24 am, December 4, 2015 As the title says, I'm new to SWTOR and MMOs in general. I picked a RP-PVE server to play, as I'm not really into the competition aspect of gaming. That being said, I don't mind trying some of it out. [..] View

Best Player World

3:24 am, November 21, 2015 Hello guys, allow me to humbly introduce myself. I am simply known as the best player in the world (NA > EU). I have always wanted to share my knowledge with the community as my wisdom is beyon [..] View

The true PvP support petition

3:24 am, November 6, 2015 I know what the veteran players will say. These /signed petitions won't work because bioware ignores them. You know what they won't ignore? 100... 200.... 500... canceled subs. If you love pvp right n [..] View

Vanguards are overpowered in 4.0!!!!!!!!!!\

3:24 am, November 2, 2015 Vanguards in 3.0 and 4.0 are just simply overpowered... This is a petition to put necessary nerfs into place to put this class where it belongs ... for the health of the game... sign below if you agre [..] View

New PvP Map Petition (sign if you like pvp)

4:24 am, September 30, 2015 This is not a discussion forum. This is a list of names compiled to show just how many of us pvp'ers there really are and what we want. This is not for logistics, complaints, possible errors or anythi [..] View

Damage or healing Meter we need it !

4:24 pm, September 7, 2015 you know a lot of players of world of warcraft use skada or recount damage meter addons . why do they use it? beacuse they are in competition with each other and they can see 'what damage done am I [..] View

Marauders more capable

4:24 am, August 27, 2015 I've been lvling a new Marauder because I hadn't played my old lvl 60 in pvp since well before lvl 60 was introduced and to to be honest, I was scared after all the bad press they were getting and it [..] View

Petition for a Unranked Solo Queue Option

4:24 pm, August 20, 2015 With the exodus of PVP guilds going to PVE servers the Pug versus premade issue in warzones has never been more pertinent. As we all know the game engine can't match equal groups and instead fills so [..] View

Guild groups/Premades are good for PVP

4:24 pm, July 17, 2015 You only improve and get better by fighting good competition. Most of the time, premade PVP groups have above-average players, and this only makes the matches more competitive. It's not difficult to [..] View


4:24 pm, June 29, 2015 Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this. Feeling a bit bored with my lvl 60 Sorc lightning DPS I decided to roll a Sage Healer. Actually I quit liked it, until last night. My litt [..] View

Paying for a non-existent service...

4:24 am, April 21, 2015 So an item (Expensive one at that) goes missing in my inventory after being away for a few months. I cannot locate it, have no idea what happened, so I petition, this is the lack luster response I get [..] View

This patch is terrible

4:24 pm, April 8, 2015 I'm going to start a petition to get rid of everything 3.1.2 did because the game is worse than ever now, Juggs are impossible to ****, sages can't **** anything, Assasins are still OP, and how the he [..] View

What will be done?

4:24 am, April 6, 2015 What will be done for players who are on servers where they are not any solo rank pops. On some servers, only a few pop and then stop due to the competition getting wrecked. And so the ques die. Is t [..] View

In effort to "cater to more people" EA just loses more PVP base

4:24 am, April 4, 2015 Look at the ranked participation numbers and the decline since Season 1 Ranked play "should" be serious competition. If you allow ungeared players into an arena it ruins the experience for [..] View

The PVP Thread That Saved The Game

4:24 am, March 23, 2015 New SWTOR Ranked Arena System: Greetings fellow Rotworms and Frogdogs! Welcome to the New Tiered Arena Ratings and Token Rewards System! There have been some exciting changes to the way we approa [..] View

Feedback: Cross-Server Queues Would Revitalize PvP, Add More Stats and Soft Rankings

3:24 am, February 26, 2015 One opinion among many, however anyone who plays PvP should be doing so for the challenge. Unfortunately, servers create silos of players, restricting and limiting the overall PvP community and weake [..] View

Stealthy removal of a weekly?

3:24 pm, January 22, 2015 So Tuesday reset, I went about business as usual grabbed my weeklies and start the boring grind of repetition to scrap together a few meager elite comms. I did my daily random group finders, then proc [..] View

The CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK thread for FPS problems.

3:24 am, January 18, 2015 Since we've had no luck getting any information from BW with the 600+ post "petition" thread I'm starting a new one where we can post our system specs to better help BW isolate the problem. [..] View

Customer Service / Lack of Response now the standard?

3:24 pm, January 12, 2015 I am a bit confused.The events: 14 months or so (give or take) the automated CEO change system went into effect internally in our guild and our guild was "lost" to a player we had no contac [..] View

Rishi Achievment bug

3:24 pm, January 11, 2015 On two separate occasions i have tried to get the achievement X Marks the spot a hidden achievement worth 50 points. The way to get the achievement is to farm three rare spawns for an unknown period o [..] View

Petition: The Harbinger Lag is worse then ever 6+ seconds delays.

3:24 am, December 24, 2014 The last three months or so The Harbinger server is just about unplayable, as of right now 7:29pm the mail is giving mail errors, the vendors load after 5+ seconds and when you cast a spell nothing ha [..] View

Reven class drop

3:24 am, December 4, 2014 So finished the Korriban quest on my Sorc.. Get the reward box and it dropped a Saberstaff (2 handed staff required), for my lightning mage. Uh.... arent they geared towards class specific/usable item [..] View

Petition to Change "Famously Furious" Top 96 Title

3:24 am, November 26, 2014 Quote: Originally Posted by AlexModny (Post 7819959) Happy Monday! Since it wasn't covered on the stream here are the titles for each tier! Ti [..] View

Please extend 12xXP period - for casual gamers who only have few hours a week to play

3:24 am, November 26, 2014 Dear Swtor team, I petition you to extend the 12xXP period - atleast till the end of 2014 for those of us who Arent able to play more than +4 hours most weeks, as job, Family and other activites al [..] View

PvP Championship

3:24 pm, November 24, 2014 Hello there, Many of you might think this is a stupid idea since looking at the title of the thread but I can assure you that it isn't,. This is mainly because there are is an increasing amount of [..] View

Petition to DEVs! We want DPS Opers\Scounds VIABLE!

3:24 pm, November 13, 2014 Sign in People! View

Can a Dev Explain Why PvP Was Left Out of the Expansion?

3:24 pm, November 11, 2014 I'm just curious as to why PvP is being completely left out of the first major expansion in a year and a half? What was the logic behind this decision? I would not think it would be the developmen [..] View

Petition - Create New Forum Section For Tech Problems

3:24 am, November 6, 2014 Bio should create a tech support section in the forums and sticky all of Owens or others fixes to technical problems... Then people wouldn't have to continually post the same things over and over, ask [..] View

Ebon Hawk server petition for a 1900+ expertise requirement to queue for solo ranked

3:24 am, November 3, 2014 Hello combat team, PvP team, whoever it may concern: About once a month we at the Ebon Hawk host a guild summit meeting where multiple guilds discuss issues with the goal of improving our servers [..] View

Please do away with disciplines

4:24 am, October 16, 2014 Like seriously, no troll bait...I found a balling hybrid combo and I'm ******** myself over how much fun I'm having in WZ's now, like I haven't played this particular toon in forever but it is hella f [..] View

Want to play pub solos? PoT5 is the place to be:)!!!

4:24 pm, October 1, 2014 Okay, so here are the awesome selling points for you pubs looking for some good solo pops. PoT5 has pubs who want to que solos, enough even that we can que and fight each other pretty much during all [..] View

Petition to remove Solo Ranked

4:24 pm, September 30, 2014 As many of you are aware, from many forums that has been posted here, Solo Ranked sucks... due to the trolls, matchmaking, and the conquest lovers that ruins the match. I am hoping this thread will [..] View

I need to report 3 things ingame

4:24 pm, September 24, 2014 1st) The Manaan achievement with KOLTO's it makes the game for players very frustrating and we always argue. Because some insensible players, destroying all koltos to get their stupid achievement. So [..] View

Petition To Merge Servers

4:24 pm, September 22, 2014 Dear Bioware, The time has come. Servers need to be merged immediately. I recently hopped on a republic character on PoT5, and the population is completely dead.. There is roughly 3-4 times [..] View

New Formula for Distributing Ranked PvP Rating

4:24 pm, September 20, 2014 Given how our current Ranked Rating System works and how it encourages many of it's victors to quit while they are ahead, I am going to suggest an idea that might improve things for everyone and enco [..] View

Petition - Bioware let us buy boxes with partisan, conqueror, obroan schematics

4:24 am, September 12, 2014 Bioware let us buy boxes with partisan, conqueror, obroan schematics like you did it in pre 2.0 update with battlemaster and war hero gear. View

Can we just get rid of solo ranked?

4:24 pm, September 10, 2014 It was a nice experiment, but it is obviously a failure. Even if BW fixed all the exploits, required a gear check and stopped match throwers/PvEers from coming into the match (which is a huge chore by [..] View

Petition: Stop the changes to Deception/Infiltration

4:24 pm, August 13, 2014 Just as the title suggest, this is a post for all sins that are currently happy with the way deception/infiltration is. If that is you, please let your voice be heard. Sign the petition, voice your op [..] View

Petition: Stop the changes to Infiltration/Deception

4:24 pm, August 13, 2014 Just as the title suggest, this is a post for all sins that are currently happy with the way deception/infiltration is. If that is you, please let your voice be heard. Sign the petition, voice your op [..] View

The Truth about Premades.

4:24 pm, August 4, 2014 We have many threads complaining about one sided matches where an experienced group of player killers trounces your pick up group. Something about this I do not think people consider: I met [..] View

Shameless self promotion for Jung Ma Server Event

4:24 pm, August 4, 2014 In the interest of providing exposure to an upcoming event that the guild, Penumbral, is hosting on the Jung Ma Server, I'm cross posting this over here on the official PvP forums. If you happen to be [..] View

Petition to change the battle stance for guardian

4:24 pm, August 2, 2014 Dear Bioware, For the love of all that is holy could you PLEASE consider changing the way in which the Jedi Guardian holds his light saber while running? It looks absolutely ridiculous to be in ba [..] View

The Future of Progression Tracking

10:17 pm, May 6, 2014 Hello SW:TOR community, I was planning to make a very long post about my opinions the current state of progression and changes that could be implemented to improve it (both by Bioware and by us). I [..] View

Tips on making pvp more balanced and fun for al, not just the players in ranked gear.

4:17 am, May 3, 2014 I find that STWOR does not match its wzs team well at level 55. Often you get fully ranked geared teams face rolling paper geared players. Since patch 2.7 it's gotten worse as the players who do rank [..] View

Hutball and Open RvR

10:17 pm, April 30, 2014 First of all, your efforts are appreciated, however i have to say, ever since huttball was introduced, i hate it. I hate it with a passion. out of 10 games 8 are hutball and i hate it. I hate that i [..] View

[petition] Stop thinking you know how long it will take to code something

10:17 pm, March 27, 2014 Your semester of Java doesn't make you an elite programmer. Real world development work involves more steps than amateurs often realize. Feel free to continue to complain about the low quality [..] View

Watchtower Watchers on Begeren Colony Broken quest

10:17 am, March 25, 2014 I'd like to report that this bonus quest on Oricon is broken. It has been broken now for 5 days and I have submitted an ingame petition last week and been updating it since. This is 10 Daily Comms [..] View

[petition] How to solve tons of problems within 4 hours of coding

4:17 am, March 24, 2014 Allow to queue for ranked and reg simultaneously current Problem on low pop servers: lot of people want to play ranked, but refuse to list due to very long waiting times or no pops at all so th [..] View

Devs, if you're never going to give us cross server, please give us one free transfer

10:17 am, March 23, 2014 Developers and players, in light of recent statements made by the devs, it's clear that we are never going to get cross server. It's massively disappointing and might finally break the game for many [..] View

Still unable to screenshot during cutscenes.

10:17 pm, March 21, 2014 Why is this still an issue? I've put in several petitions, and I get automated messages telling me to run repair tool, reinstall the game, rebind the hotkey. I've tried all of this and more, and [..] View

Bads and the "Golem effect"

10:17 am, March 19, 2014 Hello, I just found this in Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmalion_effect It states the following . Quote: A corollary of the Pygmalion effect is the g [..] View

Better reward ideas for dedicated PVPers...

4:17 am, March 19, 2014 Most players who prefer PVP don't do it for some gear reward but for the thrill of the competition, against human players. In other games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, World of Tanks, Champions [..] View

[Petition]Change the loot for level 50 Story Mode Flashpoints

4:17 pm, March 14, 2014 Duran'del here: For those of you who do not know, level 50 Flashpoints give you Campaign(61) Rating gear from Bosses. If you are lucky and you get all the drops, and later, a whole set of Campaign [..] View

In regard to hitting 1500, and season 2 rewards

10:17 pm, March 11, 2014 I understand why really top tier players are frustrated with the rewards for season 1. Don't get me wrong, hitting 1500 definitely isn't as easy as some people make it out to be, and considering some [..] View


10:17 pm, March 9, 2014 Ahoy! Just was thinking about how you devs can redesign pvp rating system. REMOVE RATING IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING :) IMPLEMENT NEW SYSTEM : GUILD SCOREPOINTS HOW DOES IT WORK? Every guildma [..] View

That "sad day" is now a reality.

3:17 pm, March 4, 2014 I was holding out hope that the Devs/Mods would respond to the burning question myself and others had about PvP gearing and bolster in general, only to be HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED to see the PTS notes and [..] View


Petition to change the battle stance for guardian

Dec 26, 2014, 1:01 pm Dear Bioware, For the love of all that is holy could you PLEASE consider changing the way in which the Jedi Guardian holds his light saber while running? It looks absolutely ridiculous to be in ba[..] View

Petition: The Harbinger Lag is worse then ever 6+ seconds delays.

Dec 24, 2014, 5:33 am The last three months or so The Harbinger server is just about unplayable, as of right now 7:29pm the mail is giving mail errors, the vendors load after 5+ seconds and when you cast a spell nothing ha[..] View

Petition: rename vicious slash to vicious trash

Dec 19, 2014, 3:56 pm Seriously this is our rage dump and my rage builder assault does as much if not more damage? How does this make sense 1500-1800 vicious slash. Assault hits at least 500 x3 non crits What is wrong w[..] View

Repetition of Wz's againnnnnn

Dec 18, 2014, 10:55 pm anyone else having this issue again? I literaly had 6 voidstar matches in a row. I even restarted the game, switched characters, etc and still got nothing but voidstar today . not that I dont like [..] View

PVP Petition be4 2.4

Dec 17, 2014, 1:12 pm According to latest news the next upcoming PvP patch is 2.4. Following current BW road map for SWTOR this would be at earliest in end September -...[..] View

Petition to the Devs, are operative/scoundrel dps in a good place fight now?

Dec 14, 2014, 3:42 pm Hello guys, We've had plenty of different sorts of discussions about the state of the operative/scoundrel dps trees, however the people whose opinions on this matter most have not yet weighed in. T[..] View

Petition to bioware. Come sign it please

Dec 14, 2014, 8:06 am Hello everyone. I already received permission from a game master to start this petition. As you all know it seems that the game servers have...[..] View

[Petition] Bring back the Balance we deserve.

Dec 14, 2014, 7:56 am It's the Balance we deserve, but apparently to you it's not the one we need.... *My Proposed Changes: Calculating Mind Restored, Twin Disciplines,...[..] View

[ PETITION ] Allow Taunt to Affect Healers (PvP)

Dec 14, 2014, 7:40 am <b>This suggestion has been tossed around on the forums for a long time, and I think it's time we got support for this all wrapped up in a nice bow in a single thread for BioWare to look at. </b> [..] View

Open Server Transfers Petition

Dec 14, 2014, 5:23 am I'm not sure about anyone else, but BW is really starting to tick me off with the lack of any ability whatsoever to transfer characters to any server...[..] View

Ebon Hawk server petition for a 1900+ expertise requirement to queue for solo ranked

Dec 14, 2014, 5:07 am Hello combat team, PvP team, whoever it may concern: About once a month we at the Ebon Hawk host a guild summit meeting where multiple guilds discuss issues with the goal of improving our servers [..] View

Petition - Bioware let us buy boxes with partisan, conqueror, obroan schematics

Dec 14, 2014, 2:48 am Bioware let us buy boxes with partisan, conqueror, obroan schematics like you did it in pre 2.0 update with battlemaster and war hero gear.[..] View

Petition for Character Transfers

Dec 14, 2014, 2:41 am Here, I want to summarise what most people are thinking about and those who want character transfers (and I'm resigning on the fact it may be free or...[..] View

[PETITION] More Bonuses for MVP Votes

Dec 14, 2014, 12:26 am In the current game MVP voting is a joke, 50 valor and 1 commendation, per vote, not worth my time. Sorry. I apologize if my numbers are wrong but...[..] View

Petition to stop pretending Bolster was for new PvP'rs

Dec 13, 2014, 10:16 pm First, the idea of bolster is fine. The implementation is beyond terrible. That said, if you like bolster, that fine, but can we at least stop pretending it was designed to help new PvP'rs? If this[..] View

Petition for Enraged defense

Dec 13, 2014, 10:10 pm So, as the title says, I'm making a petition. I, personally think that it doesn't need to dump threat at all. It makes a great defensive ability for...[..] View

[Petition] Bring back the Madness we deserve.

Dec 13, 2014, 10:09 pm It's the Madness we deserve, but apparently to you it's not the one we need.... *My Proposed Changes: Calculating Mind Restored, Unearthed...[..] View

[Petition] Remove Elo point system until is fixed

Dec 13, 2014, 10:05 pm OK, happened twice and 41 Elo were lost because of failing getting into the RWZ. It is a complete fail for solo and team ranking. Fix the leaks before applying a point system Bioware.[..] View

Petition: Please don't remove Lambaste, Bioware!

Dec 13, 2014, 9:50 pm I hear rumours that Lambaste is going to be removed in 2.2, and I plead to you Bioware; DO NOT REMOVE this talent! Whirling Blow is a very weak...[..] View

Petition To Merge Servers

Dec 13, 2014, 9:18 pm Dear Bioware, The time has come. Servers need to be merged immediately. I recently hopped on a republic character on PoT5, and the population is completely dead.. There is roughly 3-4 times[..] View

1.6 adds better competition in wzs

Dec 13, 2014, 9:07 pm Hi, Although I have been playing TOR since April, and have a fully geared out Merc for PVP, which I have to admit is one tough cookie class to...[..] View

[Petition]Spoiler!!! about the story and quinn

Dec 13, 2014, 8:59 pm ok dont read any further if you dont want to be spoilered! yesterday i finished my class stry, i was lv 53 already, and it was very easy. doing all with jaesa, because i hate quinn. and that [..] View

Petition to Change "Famously Furious" Top 96 Title

Dec 13, 2014, 7:51 pm Quote: <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td> Originally Posted by AlexModny (Post 7819959) Happy Monday! Since i[..] View

Petition: We want NO Force Wave/Stun NERF!

Dec 13, 2014, 7:29 pm NO ONE ASKED for Forcewave to be nerfed. As per http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20120904 Please fine here the customers petitioning you to...[..] View

Petition to increase damage values on some moves

Dec 13, 2014, 6:17 pm so yeah, i think we should increase the damage values on death field, fragmentation grenade,explosive dart, force in balance, thermal grenade and...[..] View

Mailbox error: Petition for free month

Dec 13, 2014, 5:27 pm If you are like me, you are one of the many people who have received an error message along the lines of "Mail Could Not Be Sent - Reason Unknown"...[..] View

Petition : give sage/sorc their AOE knock back back

Dec 13, 2014, 11:51 am We need this for arenas badly barrier is not enough[..] View

Petition: Let us keybind "release" after dying!

Dec 13, 2014, 10:56 am Everybody is allowed to bind his spam-style to a key. Smashtards can, operativtards can and vanguardtards can. Why can't sorcs bind their spam-style to a key too? Let sorcs bind &#34;release after dea[..] View

Petition for a new class leader.

Dec 13, 2014, 10:01 am Ours has been gone for almost two weeks without a single post or reply especially in the midst of our new class questions. The last post he made was on the fourth...[..] View

Bioware is closing unresolved petitions without fixes

Dec 13, 2014, 7:53 am Looks like its true. Bioware is using an automated bot to close all open petitions without resolving issues (like 25% loading screen bug), and of...[..] View

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