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Mapping functions to the mouse

4:24 am, April 15, 2018 I am not exactly a new player. I have actually been around since the last few open beta But seem to have a continuous problem that I haven't found a solution for yet: I am using a five button mouse. [..] View

Dear BioWare: Breaking Tanks =/= Fixing ******

4:24 pm, April 7, 2018 From a summary of the upcoming class changes: Quote: First, “***** tanks” are greatly overperforming in PvP. This is a player who is using a Tank Discipline but [..] View

Jugg Tank health question

4:24 am, March 29, 2018 I play DPS Juggs. So I’m not as familiar with the tank spec, hence my question. Is there a buff, passive, utility or even group buff they can receive that can boost their health from about [..] View

EU: 1v1 Tournament 3rd March - URC 13!

3:24 pm, February 14, 2018 1v1 Tournament 3rd March- Darth Malgus (EU) 7pm GMT It's time for the URC to return! Depending on the number of signups we have the tournament could go a few ways in terms of format. I'm guessing [..] View

How to make Jugg DPS viable in PVP ?

3:24 pm, January 21, 2018 I main a fury marauder on darth malgus and after reading the 2 nerf mara troll threads, I decided to give Jugg dps a try, mainly the rage spec which is almost like fury. Not having predation and forc [..] View

Disengaging from combat training dummy

3:24 am, January 20, 2018 I just happened to notice the combat training dummies on my way to the Mandalorian Enclave in Kaas City, and since I hadn't played with them before, I stopped to goof around for a couple of minutes. [..] View

The Story of PvP - What, why, and in the future?

3:24 am, January 7, 2018 The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away [..] View

The story of PvP - What it is and why, what happened along the way, what to do?

3:24 pm, January 6, 2018 The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away [..] View

Ten Issues with A Traitor Among the Chiss

3:24 am, December 3, 2017 Ten Issues with the Traitor Among the Chiss 1) In general, I think the flashpoint is too long. Depending on the class, gearing and encounters resetting it can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 4 hour [..] View

Copero Solo with a Sage... help?

3:24 pm, November 29, 2017 Okay, first let me preface this by saying a few things about me as a player. 1. I have been playing this game as a subscriber since beta, I even have the special 5-year subscriber reward. 2. I don't [..] View

Advanced Prototype / Spezialprotoyp PvE Guide

3:24 pm, November 23, 2017 Dieser Guide ist an fortgeschrittenere Spieler gerichtet, die ihre Spielweise auf Top-Level verbessern wollen und bereits ein grundlegendes Verständnis der Klasse besitzen! Herzlich willkomm [..] View

Undisruptable Unstunable Hack:Deactivate on Assasin 100% surefire deactivation of CP

3:24 pm, November 18, 2017 So I just came across an assasin who deactivated my control point and was immune against all kinds of disrupts and stuns. 3 People using their disrupt skill but it didn't do anything because somewhe [..] View

Timing on Mag Shot is off. For an instant ability there is unnecessary ability lag.

4:24 am, November 2, 2017 Ok kids lets review why Mag Shot sucks: Here is Rail Shot: Notice how at 12 seconds of its 13.4 second cooldown it has fired off like the instant ability it says it is?https://i.imgur.com/slNH5mU.jpg [..] View

EU: 1v1 Tournament 2nd Dec - URC 12 - Better Than Cross Server!

4:24 pm, October 30, 2017 1v1 Tournament 2nd December- Darth Malgus (EU) 7pm GMT It's finally happened! Server merges are coming and with it (hopefully) a bunch of new talent for the URC! Will the roleplayers of The Progenit [..] View

VG/PT DPS? Hope you weren't planning on actually being viable...

4:24 pm, October 29, 2017 Read and weep boys and girls: Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 9453701) Hey folks,PowertechIn addition to its other effects, the Hitman utility now reduces [..] View

They actually managed to make jugg (Vengeance) defenses worse...

4:24 am, October 28, 2017 http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...01#edit9453701 Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 9453701) JuggernautPooled Hatred now applies its full damage bonus to [..] View

Burst PowerTech Guide by Nachtsense

4:24 pm, October 15, 2017 Heyho liebe SWTOR Community! :rolleyes: Auf großer Nachfrage habe ich mich dazu entschlossen einen Guide für den Burst PT (Spezialprototyp | Advanced Prototype) zu erstellen. Doch [..] View

Post your best fake class change here and lets see who actually gets one right!

4:24 am, September 22, 2017 "Due to the nerf that hit mercs and them underpreforming for the past few weeks, we have decided that mercs need a damage bonus. Tracer missle will now deal 10% more damage and will proc into rai [..] View

TRE 1v1 Tournament 2nd Sept: URC 11 - Rumble In Manaan!

4:24 pm, August 3, 2017 1v1 Tournament 2nd September - The Red Eclipse (EU) 7pm GMT I was hoping that Papa Keith would have dropped some actual balance changes before the next tournament announcement but it looks like we'l [..] View

Pyro Pt, personal exp in pvp

4:24 am, August 2, 2017 So..... I've been playing PT (AP) for the last month. Got him into 242/236 and he's tier 3 now. I decided to goof off today and play pyro pt. Fair dmg, no problem there.. where the topic comes in, no [..] View

Considering playing

4:24 am, July 16, 2017 So I originally was a founder way back when but ended up never really making it to max level, enjoyed the class stories but hated having to do all the other filler quests to get levels to finish class [..] View

Wake up people!

4:24 pm, July 5, 2017 LOL at all the busy bees fighting their pedantic crusade, quoting and responding point by point safe in the warm glow of being asked by Eric what they think. How special they feel because he didn't m [..] View

returning player with a story/content question

4:24 am, June 28, 2017 I have lvl 70 smuggler currently playing through the chapters of KOTFE, so I haven't even started the KOTET chapters yet. So, my question being do I need to take my time through the chapters to comple [..] View

Would balance be better if the Mastery stat did something different for each spec?

4:24 am, June 28, 2017 I was thinking about this the other night, and I think it'd be interesting if they removed all the "damage" from Mastery and buffed Power to compensate. No sense in complicating things with [..] View

Tips For Absolute Beginners! (By a Beginner)

4:24 am, April 24, 2017 Hey there! If you stumbled across and are bothering to read this, it means you probably need some basic info on SWTOR! With the hundreds of guides by people far more qualified than me, you may get a [..] View

IMO why they didn't touch class balance 5.2

4:24 am, April 4, 2017 Ok, I was posting in another thread in response to something else and it occurred to me why Bio probably didn't touch class balance in 5.2, it's because of Lokoth OWPVP. I think they are waiting to se [..] View

Buff suggestions for telekinetic sage

4:24 pm, March 30, 2017 This topic will be a short description of suggested buffs for the Sage discipline Telekinetics. This topic will not include changes for utilities as I feel they are somewhat already balanced. Please c [..] View

TRE 1v1 Tournament 11th March: URC X - Gonna Give It To You (in monthly installments)

3:24 pm, February 18, 2017 1v1 Tournament 11th March - The Red Eclipse (EU) 7pm GMT Before we can even begin to recover from the amazing announcement of a new operation, sorry, I mean a new operation boss, URC is back with it [..] View

What does Accuracy do exactly?

3:24 pm, January 10, 2017 I know that every single Pvper will tell you avoid accuracy at all costs, and I do. I wanted to know if it actually does something in PVP , it says it lowers defense, all classes get a passive 5% defe [..] View

Dear Republic, Stop playing Sentinels.

3:24 pm, January 7, 2017 Here is a tip, don't play one. Reasons! 1. The Maras and Sentinels doing the best on harb, hitting 6k-7k on a consistent basis, are cheating. 2. because marcs and mandos are as far as the eye can s [..] View

TRE 1v1 Tournament 14th Jan: URC #9 - THRILL OF THE HUNT!

3:24 am, January 4, 2017 1v1 Tournament 14th January - The Red Eclipse (EU) 7pm GMT Just when you thought opening random packs had maxed out your thrill levels The Ultimate Regstar Championship is back with an Ultimate RNG [..] View

Several PVP related gameplay questions

3:24 pm, December 12, 2016 Hi guys, Im new and loving the game. PVP is fun and the lack of macroing/binding multiple abilities on the same button is making it pretty challenging even with the usage of shift, alt, and numpad var [..] View

PVP balance [5.0] is bit strange now.

3:24 pm, December 11, 2016 Hello. So there are mutiple reasons why pvp become more unblanced gear vendors are gone so players that do have gears are in high advantage. Total invisibility/stealth its nice to have it,but in pvp [..] View

Arsenal Merc 5.0

3:24 am, December 3, 2016 My Arsenal Merc is my highest story toon. Only chapter 12, lol. So I decided to "only" take her through the story to get it over and done with, then I'll pvp only. So I have a few questions [..] View

Does anyone else miss the Form/Stance buff icons?

3:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Especially in PVP, it can be extremely difficult to tell what spec someone is now, since there's no easy to see buff. Now, you have to look over their procs and what abilities they're using, there's n [..] View

5.0 killing ***** tank?

4:24 pm, September 9, 2016 When I say "***** tank" I'm talking about a dps in tank stance to protect a healer in an arena. I just read this online about 5.0 class changes: You no longer have multiple stances (Forms [..] View

Eternal Championship Deathless & Sprint Champion Guides

4:24 pm, July 25, 2016 Hey everyone, awhile back when The Eternal Championship first came out, I made some guide videos for the community in hopes of assisting those that were struggling with completing certain aspects of T [..] View

Accuracy for Arsenal/Gunnery

4:24 pm, July 19, 2016 Looking to see if any calculator nerds have crunched any numbers regarding accuracy in PvP, specifically whether it is worth investing in some or not. Also looking for anecdotal evidence on both sides [..] View

Suggestions for Eternal Throne endgame

4:24 pm, July 18, 2016 I think we all know Eternal Throne will probably be 5.0, and thus an increase in the level cap to 70. This presents a new endgame scene and an opportunity to iron out some of the issues that the many [..] View

Issues with a so called "solo mode"

4:24 am, July 11, 2016 I just returned and I have been messing a few things here and their in regards to the fortresses, however I recently have hit a wall due to bad mechanics. I am hoping their is a work around. I used du [..] View

How to make tanks tank

3:24 pm, March 5, 2016 I see much hatred against tanks in dps gear. Pls understand that we do this because tanking stats are useless and we cant do our job effectively - mitigate damage. I want to make a few suggestions so [..] View

Petition to Improve the Sorc/Sage healer in PVP

3:24 am, February 22, 2016 As long as we're in a petitioning mood, I thought I might draw attention to the most woefully under powered and poorly designed spec in game- the sorc healer. Weaknesses: 1)Light armor.... Tf biowar [..] View

Discipline System and negative effects on WZs.

3:24 pm, January 26, 2016 Discipline System and negative effects on WZs. Passives are too few and too simple. Thats making a poor building, and so its causing more predicatable matches. Before 3.0 there was more choices. [..] View

Discussion Thread: How should the devs balance healers?

3:24 am, January 15, 2016 -Yes I know the devs will never listen to any ideas that we come up with. This is a sort of for-fun thread to see if us forum-goers can "create" a balance in all the healer specs- Sorc hea [..] View

Merc utility fix and 1 skill seperation

3:24 pm, January 14, 2016 I find it annoying with merc utilities we have to choose survivability to mobility, namely in the heroic tier of utilities. Firstly, smoke screen is the only thing that makes rocket out effective agai [..] View

Redesign for merc disciplines, make the class a viable choice for once

3:24 am, January 12, 2016 Season 7 is about to start and for once I'd like mercs to be a viable choice for a team in 4v4 Team Ranked. Especially dps mercs. The first thing that has always bothered me is how mercs have to take [..] View

Pt too hard to play

3:24 pm, January 8, 2016 We need fewer buttons. I don't even have enough fingers on my hand to do my rotation (okay I have four fingers, my dog mistook my fat fingers for a sausage) But seriously there are too many abilities [..] View

AP Powertech vs. Scoundrel Healer

3:24 am, January 8, 2016 Hey everyone I'm a long time PvPer and a few weeks ago I decided to venture into the world of healing finally. I decided to gear my scoundrel as a healer as the DPS options right now are frustrating f [..] View

PvP Interrupts

3:24 am, January 4, 2016 I feel like Interrupts should lock out all abilities depending on the type used, IE: force, tech, etc. If you lock out a Merc or a Sorc they shouldn't be able to use a force/ tech ability during the d [..] View

Need buff sage/sorc.

3:24 am, December 30, 2015 Hello guys i have awesome idea about sorcerers/sages. 1. Make lower cd for force barrier. 2. Remove 'mana' cost of all abilities. 3. Make biggest range of phase walk. 4. Let them wear heavy armor [..] View

Change how accuracy/defense works in PvP.

3:24 am, December 21, 2015 At the momment only a few classes "benefit' (i.e. -have- to get at least 5% accuracy) from effects of accuracy stats in their gear: Shadow (mostly burst spec)*, sentinel*, guardian*, mercenary* ( [..] View

Worst meaningless pvp Nerf

3:24 am, December 17, 2015 Burst classes had no need to get nerfed bioware, the matches were already heavy tank/healer situated. To the devs, do you have any plans on fixing this for pvp? Why not just revert back and make it [..] View

pvp content suggestions

3:24 am, December 14, 2015 the stealth: I love that skill, I have lvl 65 shadow and a lvl 65 scoundrel as well. BUT! I do like to play with other classes as well. You know what I started? I had to realize that the best idea i [..] View

Returning Player: Class Design Changes

3:24 pm, December 2, 2015 I love this game and loved it at launch. There are so many things that have improved too, but the thing that I am most surprised to not have seen changed is the number of powers/skills every class get [..] View

Unable to Move Legacy Unlocks

3:24 am, December 2, 2015 Hello, I recently unlocked a few account-wide Legacy abilities (Companion Dance, etc.) I was able to move them onto the ability bar of some of my characters. I am unable, however, to move these Legac [..] View

Wachmann-Guide 4.0. (PVE)

3:24 pm, November 26, 2015 Stand: Patch 4.0.2a, letztes Update 26.11.2015Inhaltsverzeichnis:Einführung Utilities Lichtschwertform RotationOpener Grundrota Filler Komplettrota Tipps zu Wachmann-Fähigkeiten AoE [..] View

PVP Tanking in 4.0 - Mitigation vs HP

3:24 pm, November 13, 2015 I'm seeing a lot of people saying that shield rating no longer matters in 4.0 because of how high critical chance has gotten in PVP. By stacking crit, you can get over ~40% chance to crit now. Howev [..] View

Gear Recommendation for PvP Madness (Gear Guide).

3:24 pm, November 2, 2015 Hey peeps, For a while i had been looking for some sort of guidance on how to gear my madness sorc for pvp but was unable to find anything. With AMR (Ask Mr Robot) no longer supporting SWTOR and many [..] View

Tacticals not tacticals anymore?

3:24 am, November 2, 2015 I have notcied that the tactical flashpoints are way too difficutl to handle by a regular group. The groups I have been that are successful are the groups of 65 that are geared well enough, probably i [..] View

PvP problem

4:24 pm, October 28, 2015 Hello , im more or less new to PvP. I know to win you need to do object. Pass ball, keep ball and score in hutball or cap point and def point. Its easy. But problem starts when i have to fight. Somti [..] View

Outlaw's den and the Gree event and planetary bolster

4:24 am, October 21, 2015 Now I realise almost no one goes there anymore (especially for PvP) , but with planetary bolster, this has included Outlaw's den. Obviously this was intentional as the vendors have also been shifted d [..] View

How I'd change PvP....

4:24 am, August 25, 2015 Overall PvP Changes- Arenas have been removed from the game - Level 60 Warzones no longer have bolster - Reduce the amount of resolve received by all stuns by 70% - Roots now add to the resolve bar [..] View

Generic loot hell. Open Question to PvE Devs.

4:24 pm, August 23, 2015 I played a little around the release of this game and at that point the following was not an issue as it is now, I was not around for the Makeb expansion but I rejoined about a year ago and been a fai [..] View

What does it mean by "Increased all healing received by 10%"?

4:24 am, July 24, 2015 I am currently leveling a Jedi Sage and I see that there is a passive skill that increases all healing received by 10%. Does this mean that all the heals that I GIVE OUT is increased by 10% or just wh [..] View

Telekinetic Wave Perma instant cast

4:24 am, June 29, 2015 Observation: I have noticed that Telekinetic Wave is permanently set as an instant cast ability when the Tidal Force passive ability is activated by Disturbance a second time after logging in. It stay [..] View

4:24 pm, June 18, 2015 Stand: Patch 3.2.1, letztes Update 18.6.2015 Hello again, liebe Wachmannkollegen :-) Patch 3.0. hat die Spielweise des Wachmann-Wächters stark verändert: Mit Machtschmelze kam ein [..] View

Gunnery versus Marksman

4:24 am, June 8, 2015 This is a bit of a rage post but bear with me. I would like to know why gunnery commandos exist anymore. They fulfill the exact same role that a Marksman sniper does for both PvP and PvE - ranged bur [..] View

[Skill bug] "Electric Ambush" does not work !

4:24 am, April 10, 2015 Hi, reporting that lv36 passive skill "Electric Ambush" of Deception Assasin build does not work. It's an inbuild passive that should give an addidional Static Charge of Recklessness and r [..] View

Evasion Bugged or intended? We need more like this for hardswitch to come true!

4:24 am, April 8, 2015 When getting hardstun the effect of agent/smuggler evasion gets neglected. I allways thought it would be intended due the agent not able to move he cant dodge anything. I would very much appreciate [..] View

Uprooting the Last Seed. Possible to do with heal & tank companions?

4:24 am, April 3, 2015 We are 2 manning this (both DPS) and our healer companion keeps dying. He's too much of an idiot to stay out of the water so I have to toggle passive on and off. Our tank companion when Tagriss is a [..] View

Stunwars !

3:24 am, December 31, 2014 Hello, I would like to talk about how assasins/shadows, are over buffed in the history of all games currently.. 1- They are almost immune to all cc s. 2- They do extremely high amount of damage. 3- [..] View

Marauders are almost an automatic loss in solo ranked

3:24 pm, December 20, 2014 Right now, marauders are almost an automatic loss in solo ranked. Their get out of jail free card isn't a get out of jail free card, it's a "the marauder dies in 4 seconds" card. Marauder al [..] View

Powertech - Pyrotech or Advanced Prototype?

4:24 pm, September 27, 2014 Evening, gentlemen. I've recently started a Powertech, and I'm having a really difficult time choosing between the specs, so I'd like to hear your thoughts about this. Most PTs I see are Pyro, a [..] View

Rewards from an "All-galactic" perspective

4:24 am, August 9, 2014 I want to add my thoughts to the conversation here about season 2 rewards. Let me start off by saying rewards are not my primary motivation for playing solo and grouped ranked. Both forms of ranked [..] View

Possible buffs

4:24 am, August 2, 2014 I thought about mara/sent lately and all those crying for buff to mara. SO I'll propose a few simple one I kinda wish to see. 1 Create a new passive : Enraged Movement/Focused Movement. This passiv [..] View

PTS assassin changes up on the Sub-forum!

4:17 pm, May 1, 2014 Quote: Hey Gang, Both of the DPS trees of the Assassin/Shadow tend to suffer in regards to sustained raid-style DPS, and that is something we are trying to address in 2. [..] View

Scrubin Muhtub's PvP Tank Hybrid!

4:17 pm, April 24, 2014 The Spec The Gear The Style (It's all about the Style) After a day of contemplating the beauty of muh tub, I thought to myself "Self, if you could perfect the art of hybrid tanking, h [..] View

Bad PvPer seeking a little advice

10:17 pm, April 23, 2014 Hello all! Ive been a staunch PvE player in the past, but recently Ive gotten into PvP on the Harbinger server thanks to my AP Powertech. Ive watched a couple videos on YouTube, am in the process of g [..] View

Guardian is OP

10:17 pm, April 22, 2014 Hi, i would like to make a suggestion about juggernaut/guardian.The mid skill tree is overpowered,i have never seen another skill tree so well made to cause damage with the benefit of the high damage [..] View

Juggernaut is OP

10:17 pm, April 22, 2014 Hi, i would like to make a suggestion about juggernaut/guardian.The mid skill tree is overpowered,i have never seen another skill tree so well made to cause damage with the benefit of the high damage [..] View

[Rep] Jedi Guardian Top 3 Questions

4:17 am, April 11, 2014 1. PVP DPS-Role Survivability 2.7 provided a much needed survivability boost to DPS Guardians / Juggernauts. Vigilance / Vengeance in particular benefitted greatly from the changes to Enure / Endure [..] View

Backup Guardian Questions for Eric (Incase Andrew_Past is MIA)

10:17 pm, April 4, 2014 Andrew has been in and out of the game, and based on his last post I'm not sure if he can finish the Guardian questions at this moment, so I would like to repost some more updated questions, as the qu [..] View

Unload/Full Auto Redesign - Caution: Unrealistic

4:17 pm, March 28, 2014 Quote: DISCLAIMER: This is a kind of weird idea for Merc DPS It hought of on the way to work this morning. It would really change the way the class is played and would prob [..] View

[Rep] Jedi Guardian Top 3 Questions [WIP]

3:17 am, March 4, 2014 Here's the start of the 3 questions for Guardians. Seeing as it affects Juggernauts as well, I am posting a copy here. However, the main discussion should happen in the Guard forums, seeing as these w [..] View

Which is the "tankiest" melee DPS spec?

9:17 am, March 3, 2014 I am looking for an advanced class and spec that has the most passive + active mitigation, to tank damage, while still not being abysmal in DPS. I am not reffering to taunt or guard mechanics so much. [..] View

(Rep) Commanding Awe / Deafening Defense Inquiry to TaitWatson

3:17 am, February 28, 2014 DISCLAIMER: This is not one of the three questions. This was an inquiry made on the livestream. Last week, I asked a question during the livestream about the damage reduction portion of Commanding [..] View

Guardian Tank: From Beginner to Master

9:17 pm, February 22, 2014 Intro This guide is meant to explain how to play a Guardian tank, with the main emphasis being on operation boss fights. While the information here will likely benefit you for leveling, doing flash [..] View

30% damage reduction talent for Veng juggs

3:17 pm, February 17, 2014 Vengeance juggernauts need some form of 30% damage reduction. This has been mentioned multiple times on various threads, so why hasn't it happened? Every single dps class in the game has 30% damage [..] View

General Class Questions, please?

9:17 pm, February 15, 2014 In addition to the class-specific questions posed to the combat team, I believe it would be helpful if we could pose some general questions about the classes, Bioware's expectations and intentions, an [..] View

Stealth classes and you

9:17 am, February 10, 2014 Hello people, I'd like to start a discussion about wether or not you think stealth is at a good spot right now in the overall balance of the game, and if you don't think it is, how it should be twe [..] View

Rydarus' Vengeance Juggernaut Compedium

9:17 pm, February 8, 2014 Greetings! Tired of those idiots who think you can only tank? Hate lolsmash spec? Wanna make that Sentinel in your raid group actually work for his dps spot? Let me, Rydarus of the Ebon Hawk, intro [..] View

More Newbie Questions Even at Level 9 on Tython

3:17 pm, February 2, 2014 As a Level 9 Jedi Knight Padawan on Tython, I should know a lot about how the game works, but the truth is, I dont. There are lots of little gnawing technicalities that I simply dont understand and h [..] View

Jug DPS Survivability discussion

9:17 pm, January 22, 2014 It was mentioned earlier that even with the buffs, Jugs fall a bit behind a lot of the DPS classes still, and a further DPS buff would put them in line with other classes. Good, leaves room for Jug [..] View

Vigilance Guardian PVE compedium by Rydarus V2 (Updated for 2.6)

9:17 pm, January 19, 2014 Greetings! Tired of those idiots who think you can only tank? Hate lolsmash spec? Wanna make that Sentinel in your raid group actually work for his dps spot? Let me, Rydarus of the Ebon Hawk, intro [..] View

Not-so-traditional build SITH ASSASSIN MADNESS SPEC

3:17 pm, January 15, 2014 Hi everyone! So to give an idea as to the motive behind the following proposed build, I am a new player with my first 55, which happens to be a Sith Assassin. I have come to love the madness spec, and [..] View

[Rep] Suggested Changes and Discussion

3:17 am, January 13, 2014 All right, I have read through countless suggestions and discussions that happened over the last few months. There have been a lot of really great ideas, and some fairly heated debates over what shoul [..] View

Emperor Norton's guide to Annihiliation Marauder

9:17 am, January 11, 2014 Will most likely format it for the forums but for now, check out the guide http://swtorboard.org/2014/01/09/ann...nicus-gorband/ Emperor Norton's original thread Annihilation The challen [..] View

One with the force,

6:25 am, January 11, 2014 Is this a passive or active ability? View

Ideas for New Skill Trees

3:17 pm, January 10, 2014 Duran'del here: Defensive Specialist/Security Specialist: This would be the Commando/Mercenary tank tree. Unlike the other tanks, their taunts, AoE taunts, and several DCDs would be ties to the [..] View

Experience with Shadow/Dark Protection in PvP

9:17 pm, December 18, 2013 Posting a new thread because I simply can't find the reply where I promised to update on this. I've been able to do a fair bit of PvP since coming back from my trip post-2.5. The major glaring hol [..] View


Just Make Expertise A Passive Stat Already...

Dec 14, 2014, 1:42 am Clearly bolster has way too many issues to be able to be tweaked in it's current form AND be able to deal with expertise at the same time. Given that fact, it just seems better to make expertise a pas[..] View

Companions engaging in combat while on passive

Dec 13, 2014, 10:04 am This is a new issue for me. When in combat with a companion on passive, they will randomly decide to attack anyway and I have to toggle passive off...[..] View

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