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Prelude to Revan problem

4:24 pm, April 15, 2018 I am leveling up a new toon and I just recently started the Prelude to Revan series of missions. However I am unable to access the flashpoints in story mode. I have repeatedly cleared the missions, [..] View

Question regarding CXP bonus stacking and Daily Activity Bonus

4:24 pm, April 5, 2018 Hey guys, I just want to know if the Daily Activity Bonus which is changing every day is 20% or 25%? Multiple sources online like Dulfy are stating 20% but today (with Heroic Missions being the daily [..] View

Collecting Armor pieces of a lower level

4:24 am, April 1, 2018 For cosmetic reasons, I was looking to get a chest piece (https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/decorat...ters-mk-2-pub/) that is a lower level then my current character (currently Lvl 60, but this piece appea [..] View

{Heroic 4} The Shroud's Last Stand | Macrobinocular Missions

4:24 am, March 30, 2018 Any chance this mission can be reconfigured for solo play? The missions leading up to this mission take hours without maxed out quality of life improvements on quick travels and speeder speed. No one [..] View

The Foundry flashpoint republic side

3:24 am, February 22, 2018 I don't see it in group finder, so assume I have to do something to unlock it. I've found a few guides on the internet, but non goes in detail of how to unlock this mission and where to pick up the pr [..] View

Kotfe - Chapter IX - Alliance Specialists important?

3:24 pm, February 19, 2018 Hello, I am playing KotfE for the first time. I reached chapter IX and now I am at the Alliance Base on Odessen. There are 4 specialists and I can turn in my locked crates and get Reputation in retu [..] View

Activities Window bonus question

3:24 pm, February 8, 2018 Quick questions on the activities window: Every day there is a bonus activity (examples: “Planetary Missions” or “Starfighter”) that gives more CXP. 1) Are th [..] View

PvP Tanking for Dummies (5.7)

3:24 am, February 8, 2018 PvP Tanking for Dummies Hey guys, Hottie here @SS. I decided to pick up tanking recently and am lucky enough to know some accomplished solo and team ranked tanks who I could turn to for advice. I rea [..] View

The Old Monkey

3:24 pm, February 6, 2018 Hello I don't know if you if you new monkeys will get this that play swtor but what i have said from the start of the game when I first saw it is coming true. Since I like to be funny at all times. I [..] View

Companion Threat Generation?

3:24 pm, February 1, 2018 I've been away from the game for a couple years, and just returned. I used to play tanks a lot, but as there have been changes, I decided to go the easier route of DPS with a healer companion. Howeve [..] View

Remove Blood Hunt from Rotation

3:24 pm, February 1, 2018 Just what the title says, this is a plea to remove Blood Hunt from the pool of random instances. I don't know about you guys but just about anytime it randomly comes up as a daily mission everyone im [..] View

Can I go back and do the planets quests AFTER I complete my class storyline?

3:24 am, January 29, 2018 I have a silly question. I just finished the prologue on my smuggler on Coruscant. I now have my ship. and am being directed to head to two other planets. I avoided doing the planet missions with th [..] View

unable to access dailies from activities window > solo

3:24 am, January 25, 2018 Wasn't sure where to post this. Was wondering if anyone else experiencing this. I had missions for Yavin for the dailies; I completed that today and when I went into activity thing > solo to [..] View

Are there solo missions after the class missions or for level 70 ?

3:24 pm, January 23, 2018 I just came back after three years and am really enjoying the game. I have subscribed for 90 days. I am very casual and due to receiving chemo treatments I cannot really commit to grouping much. I h [..] View

Would flagging off of faction mobs revive OWPVP?

3:24 pm, January 21, 2018 Much like SWG had. Target a Pub or Sith that results in pvp flags. Attach pvp exclusive rewards and missions as carrots. And maybe we can see some random and immersive pvp again? Oh right...I forg [..] View

I want to help my lower level friend rank up and I'm level 70

3:24 pm, January 20, 2018 I was wondering if I could help my friend do his story missions if we are the same class and I have already completed my story. We tried to figure it out last night but no luck. He was in an area that [..] View

Iokath and Toth

3:24 pm, January 19, 2018 I was running dailies on Iokath to gain some fast CXP, somehow I managed to pick up a mission that seems can not for whatever reason be abandoned. The title of the mission escapes me now, I got so pi [..] View


3:24 am, January 17, 2018 Guys how to do missions for Conquestses? I watch list exemple "Random Flashpoint" or "5 Veterean and3 Master FP" so how to do this for Conquests? Because I did FP and nothing, I [..] View

Repeat missions

3:24 am, January 15, 2018 Hi all i'm running a jedi knight and just completed the mission to get my lightsaber but in the height of battle i managed to lose my lightsaber. So my question is there anyway i can rerun the mission [..] View

PVP Matches Not counting towards Daily/Weekly progress?

3:24 am, January 14, 2018 Heyo, so over the past week or so I’ve been noticing that some of my pvp matches (Ranked or Unranked) don’t seem to be properly counting towards my daily and/or weekly pvp mission [..] View

Returning player: Question About Knights of the Fallen Empire

3:24 pm, January 10, 2018 Last time I actually played the game was Shadow of Revan. I've done some research and found out things that are recommended to be finished before starting Fallen Empire content such as companion missi [..] View

Order of the story if your trying to play without using a charater token.

3:24 pm, January 6, 2018 Ive seen people ask this on other websites figured Id post it. forged alliances is a prelude to shadow of Revan and is where you first meet some very important characters Shadow of Revan Rise of th [..] View

How to travel to planet you don't have a mission on and can't get a mission for

3:24 am, January 3, 2018 Hi! my character is doing the HK-51 missions and must get to Taris to retrieve a part. Problem is, he left Taris long ago in the storyline and I can't find a way to get him back. On other planets I [..] View

Help! Stuck in the air?!

3:24 pm, December 28, 2017 Hey Everyone, I have just completed the first few missions as a Jedi Consular (just got the lightsaber) and i'm going to Coruscant. However, as i arrived at the shuttle docking bay in coruscant i was [..] View

Hit 70 before class story. Need to know which order to do expansion missions!

3:24 pm, December 28, 2017 I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times but, I want to know which order I should complete the missions from my Holocom in my ship. So I managed to reach level 70 before even reaching chapter 2 i [..] View

In-Depth Iokath Daily Missions Guide + Vendors Overview

3:24 am, December 22, 2017 Greetings :) I have just finished another guide - this one is for the most hated and also the most recent Daily Area - Iokath. In the article you will find in-depth walkthroughs for all missions, ana [..] View

how do I get Shroud of Memory

3:24 am, December 20, 2017 I know I did the "To Find a Findsman" and "Arma Rasa" missions , but when I look around I can't find anything to say I can do this mission. When I put my mouse on the shroud of m [..] View

Boosted Characters - Skipped or Completed story line?

3:24 pm, December 16, 2017 Hello! I'm experiencing an issue and I was wondering if it is a bug or it is indeed working as intended. I'm playing a boosted character (obtained by purchasing the new expansion packs) and I've sta [..] View

Broken Lance achievement is broken?

3:24 pm, December 13, 2017 After 8 months of trying to get this achv done, finally got the opportunity to fight this Lance on Yavin 4. We had a group of 14 people and finally defeated him after 30 mins. He has one the highest [..] View

Companions plus another question

3:24 am, December 10, 2017 was there always companions ? I started playing going on 8 weeks ago now, and been wondering about that since my first companion. seems odd to me, since the game is grouped focused , but just add [..] View

Galactic Command Daily Bonus

3:24 pm, December 9, 2017 Hi, I would like to ask, if the highlighted Bonus in the galactic command window has a rotation order? Like, one day Hero Missions, next day PvP, next day OPs, next day GSF, and so on. And if there [..] View

PVP Hackers

3:24 am, November 13, 2017 I thought the new "Engines" were supposed to make it easier to deal with hackers in pvp and Starship missions. Several people have been making reports of the players and the matches on a con [..] View

miffed here about this whole pve group finder activity thing

3:24 pm, November 12, 2017 i'm a bit miffered here on this whole group finder activity thing. I've done way more then 3 group finder activies/missions yet this darth helix thing has only accounted for and taken into account 2 [..] View

First Strike problem?

3:24 am, November 12, 2017 I just finished my class story for bounty hunter dark side (i got side-tracked and did a bunch of planet missions and stuff, so didn't return to my class mission until now) .. and have a "First S [..] View

Hi, I'm new. And bad.

3:24 am, November 12, 2017 I played SWTOR for about two months three years ago. Got to level 50, then quit when my friend did. Decided I wanted to try it again, but I'm completely lost. I'm super over-leveled and don't know wh [..] View

Heroic Missions state in new servers

3:24 pm, November 11, 2017 Heroic Missions are currently one the easiest ways to level up and get decent gear for lower levels but since the server merge into the 5 mega servers, it is now infuriating and difficult due to a lar [..] View

Miscellaneous questions regarding united forces

3:24 am, November 11, 2017 As the title says. Can anyone help with the following, please? "Earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion who delights in crushing all opposition when you complete three PvE or three PvP missions [..] View

PvP Groupfinder

3:24 pm, November 9, 2017 Hi, for the new event i need to do 3 missions via the Groupfinder. I thought i'd do them in PvP, and was wondering where do i find the Groupfinder for PvP? It seems when i click the Groupfinder butto [..] View

Can I change armor colors beside unifying?

3:24 pm, November 7, 2017 Let's say there's a purple chest piece that I don't like but would love it in black. Is it possible to change colors? I saw some other players's characters in Thexan's robe that was black and red, no [..] View

No Bonuses for Heroic Missions at the moment a bug?

4:24 am, October 15, 2017 as many on the harbinger who are grinding out heroic missions these days might know the heroic's bonus missions aren't popping up, is this a bug with the new update? if not what is going on and will i [..] View

Missing flashpoints, section x, black hole and heroic mission couriers

4:24 am, September 23, 2017 I noticed that many of the flashpoint courier have gone missing. The Hammer station flashpoint courier is still located on Dromund Kass but most of the other have completely vanished. The flashpoint [..] View

Completing the Iokath

4:24 am, September 23, 2017 Hello everyone! I have a problem. Maybe someone will help me. I've started Iokath operation and passed almost all missions, reunited with Quinn and continue romance (and he was in the companions me [..] View

Question for someone new who hit 70.

4:24 pm, September 22, 2017 So i've recently just hit 70 after about a week and been enjoying it. I'm enjoying all the planet missions (story and side quest related) you can do and have been trying to do all of them. I"m on [..] View

Republic hyperspace Armada reputation

4:24 am, September 16, 2017 Hey could someone please explain how to get Reputation for Republic hyperspace Armada? I did all the daily missions and operation missions from my fleet command terminal on my starship and I didn't ge [..] View

get rid of ranked daily/weekly

4:24 pm, September 15, 2017 I can't count how many times someone has said that they are only there for the daily or weekly. It's almost always someone with no clue how to pvp or gear. This is just one of the many problems with t [..] View

Confused by companions in KotFE/KotET

4:24 pm, September 15, 2017 Are there side missions I can do to get extra companions? I've seen people running around with companions I did not know where available. Do you get them by running old star fortress or alliance ale [..] View

Heroic Mission Rewards

4:24 am, August 31, 2017 Rewards should offer a little more variety after doing heroic missions. I keep getting the same rewards over & over on each world. For example on Nar Shaddaa I did all eight heroic missions [..] View

Group for Heroics

4:24 pm, August 23, 2017 Looking for 3 other people to do daily Heroics with. I currently run them solo, but I heard that you get a credit boost if you are in a group of four, at least for the bonuses. I run 8 missions on 3 l [..] View

Iokath questions and complaints

4:24 pm, August 15, 2017 Okay so I thought I look into the Iokath missions that was on my ships console after only just finishing the expansions. First I have a number of issues I wanted to go over, various bugs I encountered [..] View

galaxy map problems

4:24 am, August 10, 2017 So i was on my warrior, i just finished dromund kaas, got my ship, and now my next stop is balmorra, problem is my galaxy map doesn't load up, my screen just turns black the only things I can see are [..] View

Ilum Heroic 2+ Mission

4:24 am, August 6, 2017 Have been try to get the Datacron for over a year as I play numerous characters. Doesn't matter what server ( have some on all servers) as well as have not seen this decoration for over a year as well [..] View

Daily and weekly flash point missions

4:24 am, August 5, 2017 I know I am missing something. I have tried to follow the directions of these missions, but I have not been able to get them to complete. [WEEKLY] Searching For Allies and [DAILY] Group Finder Veter [..] View

Crew Skill Leveling sugestions

4:24 am, August 2, 2017 I have spent most of the time I have played this game leveling crew skills to make armor, grenades stems, etc... from my experience I have made a list of suggestions. On top of my suggestion, I had [..] View

Unassembled Components, Clarity

4:24 pm, July 28, 2017 Many people asked for Unassembled Components to be legacy bound. The devs then posted a roadmap responding to the feedback saying:"We are reviewing ways to improve use of your wide range of chara [..] View

List of the quickest daily heroic quests for bounty hunter

4:24 am, July 28, 2017 Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to this game and I noticed the Heroic Quests generate a lot of money in a short time. I have an hour or two on the weekdays to play and I have been doing the Dromu [..] View

no sign of hk-55

4:24 pm, July 27, 2017 i'm on chapter 4 for the kotfe and hk-55 is neither in my companions window or active once I've left the phase I've reset the missions several times and no change, he doesn't show up in my companions [..] View

Returning Player Story Help

4:24 am, July 16, 2017 So, I'm a returning player and I just finished up Illum on my first new character. I'm really playing this game for all of the original stories and new story type content. I have no interest in grindi [..] View

Star Fortress Heroic 2+ version

4:24 pm, July 10, 2017 I'm not sure if this was asked elsewhere, but here goes. About these Star Fortress missions and the companion reward: How do I get a group for this? I tried to invite my wife's lvl 50 sage, and a lvl [..] View

Game crashing on chapter 2 of KOTFE

4:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Hi all, Am a new player (within the last month) and have levelled up a character to level 70. I've just started playing the Fallen Empire Expansion, completed chapter 1, but am having persistent iss [..] View

Can't abandon chapter I previously completed

4:24 am, June 14, 2017 Alright, I started KotFE Chapter X on master mode, only to realize that Kaliyo is not high level enough to actually complete it. I exit the chapter, but I cannot get Kaliyo to run missions or craft. I [..] View

Is low level content dead?

4:24 am, June 12, 2017 Hello, I have first joined the game sometime in Hutt Cartel, then after some absence played Starfighter, but still didn't reach top level on neither of my characters. Basically, I enjoy the leveling [..] View

Sith Inquisitor quest: Prison Break - Bug

4:24 am, June 6, 2017 Hey everyone, I am doing the old inquisitor story missions, and when I got to the one where it tells you to travel to Belsavis, it does not do what the quest intended to do once you arrived there. [..] View

Question about other group members missions

4:24 pm, May 31, 2017 Good morning everyone, I have a question about other players in my group or party's missions. Is there a way to disable the other party members missions from showing up on your map? The reason I ask i [..] View

Question on playing with a friend

4:24 am, May 31, 2017 So I recently made my bf promise to play with me but I realize that I am not quite sure how that even works. Ive read a few things online but Im still rather confused. I understand that if we play d [..] View

Let's talk credits!

4:24 am, May 29, 2017 Introduction In this thread, I am going to be going over ways for new or returning players to make credits in the world of SWTOR and give them tips on how to keep them.Methods of Making Credits -GTN [..] View

Another Returning Player Thread

4:24 pm, May 26, 2017 Hi all, I have returned to the game after a long time away. I played the game through beta and gave up on it about 1 year after release. That said I downloaded and re subbed and I am loving this gam [..] View

Weapons with Open Mods vs. Found/Earned Weapons

4:24 am, May 19, 2017 Hi there, I am a new player still getting my feet wet on my journey in the main campaign for the story. The question is; are Weapons (lightsaber for example) that have open modification slots are bet [..] View

Boosted character question/issue...

4:24 am, May 12, 2017 I played from Beta and then into about a year of the game after launch. Just came back so I have characters still doing their original story, some 50s working their way up and 2 boosted characters at [..] View

Returning player: FP and Heroics to level?

4:24 pm, May 11, 2017 Are there any guides to using Flashpoints and Heroics while solo leveling? When I left SWTOR there was no 'story mode', no group finder, and no terminals on fleet for the different missions. Heroics [..] View

Iokath Dailes - Sphere of Influence achievement - still missing 4

4:24 am, May 9, 2017 Anyone seen the 4 daily missions on Iokath to complete the achievement Sphere of Influence: Mend a Broken Shard Systems Offline Time to Vent Defend the Docking Ring These are the only 4 I'm missi [..] View

Extra Missions Post Revan

4:24 am, May 9, 2017 Popped onto my 70 healer sage other day. Did Makeb and a good chunk of SOR. On Ziost right now. But there are other missions that I've never done Section X/Black Hole, GSI...and I guess there's more t [..] View

No room for Casual PVPers

4:24 pm, May 5, 2017 I have been frustrated for years with PVp here on SWTOR. It really took me a while to really identify what I at least feel the problem is. Let me first introduce my PVP self. I am a very casual PVPe [..] View

Returning player, questions about KotFE and KotET

4:24 pm, May 5, 2017 I stopped playing shortly after KotFE started (I got my main through the first two chapters) and started playing again about a week ago. I've recently finished Chapter IX, and I'm working on building [..] View

Tips For Somewhat Beginners (By a Beginner)

4:24 pm, May 1, 2017 Hey there! I quite enjoyed giving a few tips to people in part 1 of the mini-series I am doing ( http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=919953 ) So I thought "May as well give a few [..] View

New player, Jedi Sage, have questions

4:24 pm, May 1, 2017 I just started playing, and got my Jedi to lvl 19 than deleted him. What I learned so far: 1) the game is so easy, I outleveled the missions and it wasn't any fun. So I need to not earn XP unless abs [..] View

Can't find any class stories on chapter 1?

4:24 pm, April 28, 2017 Hi everyone I'm on chapter 1 of the sith warrior story and just completed the mission where you defeat lord rathari. I returned to my ship and talked to Darth baras. I went and bought a subscription [..] View

Didn't get Malavai Quinn in War For Iokath...

4:24 pm, April 26, 2017 Well, the title kind of says it all, I completed the War For Iokath storyline and still haven't recieved Malavai Quinn. I chose to side with the empire and also chose not to **** Quinn in the cutscene [..] View

New to SWTOR? Here are a few tips!

4:24 am, April 22, 2017 If you have just joined the SWTOR Community, and enjoy playing the game, I can give you a few tips on how to advance your character! Tip #1 Collect any items that you get from killing npcs, you can [..] View

Facing the Machines of War

4:24 am, April 20, 2017 Ok, so I have made it up to the point I am supposed to summon Tyth. However, I don't have the parts or enough shards to do so. I have completed all but one of the side missions (didn't do the walker o [..] View

Do you get unique looking armor from planet quests?

4:24 am, April 7, 2017 Do the optional missions award armor that might be cool for outfitter? I can't find a place that shows the armor rewards for drommund kas so I can see if I want to do a quest because I like the look o [..] View

PvP On Iokath

4:24 am, March 29, 2017 Hey folks, With the launch of 5.2 “The War for Iokath” we wanted to be sure to encourage PvP wherever possible. It is a part of the design of the Missions on Iokath that players w [..] View

Uprisings: A pleasant surprise

4:24 am, March 22, 2017 So, when I first heard of these Uprisings/Ups, I thought they'd be just another FP with a new name, which is essentially true. However, the missions are much more frantic and fast-paced, filled with h [..] View

Bar/Arena fights in Kotor

4:24 am, March 22, 2017 I'm stuck on the 6th arena fight in the bar on the Kotor missions, Thades Breaktown Brawler, with the two wraidas. I'm no scrub, but trying to keep only 2 of 3 enemies engaged on me while keeping my c [..] View

Mission rewards chart/database?

4:24 am, March 12, 2017 Hi all. I'm not a new player but this is kind of a new player question. Is there some resource somewhere online (I googled) that shows exactly what mission gives what gear reward? I'm leveling a S [..] View

Wait one minute.

3:24 pm, March 10, 2017 The only way to get gear for pvp is with Unassembled components? The only way to get Unassembled components is to do pvp? Out side the daily and weekly pvp missions you can only earn 2 unassembled com [..] View

Last Mission of Shadow of Revan (bug?)

3:24 am, March 3, 2017 Hi all, I am a returning player. I last played in 2013 and a lot has changed. I am having a problem completing the last mission where I confront Revan. I finished mission 5 (killing the 4 Revanites [..] View

How to properly complete the "Dread Masters" questline?

3:24 pm, February 25, 2017 Hey everyone. I plan to finish every single main story with my Jedi Knight.. but when I accepted the Oricon quest from the terminal in my ship, I was beyond confused. Feels like I'm missing something [..] View

Updated Unassembled Component Rates - 5.1.2

3:24 pm, February 24, 2017 Hey folks, As I mentioned in the GC roadmap thread, 5.1.2 at the end of February will bring a lot of changes to Missions and Unassembled Components. For this post I want to focus on Unassembled Compo [..] View

A question regarding KOTFE/KOTET.

3:24 am, February 21, 2017 These two expansions use a completely different system from the previous missions. I have started KOTFE on two Republic characters, but one was with a Token and the other was after I had completed eve [..] View

Ranked PVP needs to made more "attractive" than unranked WZ's

3:24 pm, February 20, 2017 It feels almost impossible to actually get into a ranked arena on The Shadowlands, I've literally gotten one since starting to PVP frequently in the last 2-3 months. Unranked WZ's pop all the time, ra [..] View

Missions awarding Light/Dark points but not Chosen

3:24 am, February 19, 2017 I am confused. I am playing a light sided Jedi trying to make him Dark. My missions are awarding me light sided points. Why? During my conversations there were no choices for light or dark picks. Why [..] View

Faster Respawns plz

3:24 pm, February 12, 2017 on some heroic missions the reset timer is way to long, like black out on Teris, the one to **** the sith in the dark temple on DK, at times you van sit there for 30 minutes + waiting for the respawns [..] View

Yavin 4 "Plant Perimeter Sensor". Exactly how is this done?

3:24 am, February 11, 2017 I found a sensor icon in my Inventory Missions, but I have tried every way imaginable to "plant" it at or NEAR the sensor markers on Yavin 4. What is the specific method for planting these [..] View

Advice regarding Jugg/Mara needed

3:24 pm, February 1, 2017 I have recently been given a game-time card and thought 'what the hell, let's give it a go again'. But after logging in on my level 60 Jugg, I found that I got utterly wrecked even though this is the [..] View

Other ways to get fleet commendations that doesn't involve PvP?

3:24 pm, January 30, 2017 The one type of PvP I'll never touch is an MMORPG multiplayer, I never found it fun because it never gives new players like me an actual chance to do anything or understand what's the best rotation to [..] View

3.3 and why it was patched in (Devs and Musco should read since they forgot)

3:24 pm, January 27, 2017 A big thanks to Aceite for finding the 3.3 patch notes!http://www.swtor.com/blog/pvp-econom...ame-update-3.3Below is what was written by SWTOR devs regarding 3.3 Quote: Community N [..] View

Another boosted character question - mission replays

3:24 pm, January 23, 2017 Hello all, and thank you for your patience with me... I created a lvl 60 character a while ago, before I started subbing... Can I go back and replay the storyline missions with that character? I know [..] View

Should there be a third difficulty for story missions?

3:24 pm, January 23, 2017 As it stands right now, the normal difficulty is 'very easy' giving us no challenge whatsoever.The way it is now, if you do normal mode you'll find that enemies die just as you get part way into your [..] View

Heroic + 2 bonus missions

3:24 pm, January 22, 2017 Hi there :) If I'm perfectly honest, I still don't *quite* have a handle on what heroics are weekly or daily - the ones I get from the Odessan terminal seem to be daily, I think? However, the bonus [..] View

Question - Which Server to play on & Which Support Class is used for Highend Raiding

3:24 pm, January 21, 2017 Dear all, I just decided to give SW: TOR another chance as they have failed miserably at the beginning when it came out by providing 0 content for max level players. I have a few questions and it wo [..] View


@Devs: More Daily Missions on Rishi would be nice

Mar 8, 2015, 6:24 pm I really like Rishi, it's one of the planets I totally enjoy being on and I'm hearing a lot of other players do too.<br><br> Unfortunately there's not much to do there once you've finished the story.[..] View

Can't Start Makeb Missions

Feb 10, 2015, 3:32 am I have been playing through my Guardian character, and after completing the Ilum storyline I'm wanting to start RotHC and do the Makeb story missions, but the holoterminal on my ship doesn't indicate [..] View

Post all available crew missions

Jan 16, 2015, 3:39 pm One of the biggest frustrations for me as a crafter is when I am trying to gather crafting materials off the crew missions. This is especially true on Archeology since it has not only power crystal a[..] View

Imperial Space Missions Table

Dec 26, 2014, 8:17 am Here I will give all the space ship missions and what each one gives for credits, commendations and experience. This chart is for anyone @ level...[..] View

Restart missions

Dec 22, 2014, 12:21 am To all I want to restart a few missions is there anyway that can happen[..] View

Where do I get assigned the Life Day missions?

Dec 21, 2014, 3:14 pm I admit that I'm pretty dense, but I have run around the galaxy looking for a NPC to get the Life Day missions from and I can't find them (playing as a Sith). I would like to throw snowballs. Please h[..] View

Mannett and Ambush Missions

Dec 19, 2014, 10:30 am The Mannett and Ambush Missions are not completing properly. I've managed a work around for Mannett by performing a fix with the launcher and...[..] View

Daily Space Missions

Dec 19, 2014, 9:56 am This is going to sound silly, but I have learned it''s always better to ask questions just in case I am wrong. Do I get the daily space missions...[..] View

Commendations lost and i cant get missions on illum, oricon and similars

Dec 17, 2014, 11:17 am First, yesterday i did some missions and get about 150 basic com, i was going to fleet to buy something but i cant because i did a flashpoint and when i finished it i left the game, today i only have [..] View

How do I start the Republic Starfighter missions (not GSF) which give reputation ?

Dec 15, 2014, 7:07 pm Hello, I'm not sure how to ask this so that everyone can understand what I mean ... Among the Reputation groups (listed in the Legacy window), there is one grou, called I think the Republic Hype[..] View

Can't join groups for Heroic Missions

Dec 15, 2014, 6:50 pm I finally decided to try and join a group to do some of the Heroic missions that have been piling up in my journal, yet when I tried to accept an invite I got this ** is trying to invite you to the[..] View

Space Missions - what are they good for?

Dec 14, 2014, 10:34 pm I've several lvl characters my highest is 40, but played only 3 space missions and left it at that. I leveled up too fast already to spend some...[..] View

Sorcerer stats for DPS in Ops an Heroics missions HELP!

Dec 14, 2014, 2:16 pm What is the best stats for my Sorcerer my tree is lightning, I really need help I've been told that my equipment stats are all over the place.. I have 1.1million in the bank, my armor stats are aroun[..] View

Cant abandon missions

Dec 14, 2014, 8:06 am I have several missions that are grey from previous planets, i have no desire or need to do them, and they're cramping up my mission log. I am...[..] View

Space Missions suddenly harder?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:48 am I have been cranking the space missions with grade 7 ship parts fro some time now. I am about 2k rep away from hyperspace legend. After the last patch though I feel like the missions are harder to co[..] View

Diplomacy bug - only giving Companion Gift missions!

Dec 14, 2014, 7:29 am Greetings! After I hit tier 3 in diplomacy (rank 3 stuff) I havent been able to get any other missions than Companion Gift missions. It simply...[..] View

PvP Que by WZ and new Daily/Weekly missions

Dec 14, 2014, 6:30 am I know it has been said many times that the que system needs a revamp as many people would like to choose he WZ they enter. Personally I like the...[..] View

Space missions not resetting

Dec 14, 2014, 5:24 am Hello, Reporting that the space missions are not resetting as intended. The only one that is resetting is the weekly, the others that should be...[..] View

The changes in PvP Daily/Weekly missions

Dec 14, 2014, 3:07 am They are testing it on PTS Quote: <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td> PvP missions have been updated such that no longer require Warzone[..] View

A request for new space missions

Dec 14, 2014, 3:04 am I know that SWTOR space missions have received a lot of complaints since the launch of SWTOR. However, I really enjoy them. They are something I can jump into the game and complete quickly, and I fi[..] View

Kingpin missions dont stay unlocked

Dec 14, 2014, 2:47 am Yesterday i have unlocked 2 kingpin missions on 2 different characters.Done them normally. Today, after i complete a henchman mission i cant find the kingpin ones anywhere. The mission log cant be cli[..] View

Character and NPC wont talk during missions

Dec 14, 2014, 2:34 am I am having a problem when i am running any type of mission. My character and all NPC mouths do not move nor is there any sound. I only see text. I do however here all other sound and i do here sound[..] View

HC missions

Dec 14, 2014, 12:32 am Is it me, or are they a testement of how this game is failing. It is so hard to find groups for these, especialy those from the bonus missions. Some...[..] View

Heroic Space Missions

Dec 13, 2014, 11:10 pm PLEASE ... PLEASE ... make them either easier and doable ... or make normal mode versions of them. They are friggin impossible.[..] View

Side Missions giving 7 exp?

Dec 13, 2014, 11:06 pm Hey guys Not really sure what section this belongs in.. I actually skipped pretty much all side missions so that I could catch up with my friends on the class missions, I am now level 21 and cur[..] View

Heroic Space Missions still bugged after 1/23 patch

Dec 13, 2014, 11:00 pm I am an avid fan of the space missions. Since Tuesday's patch the heroic space missions seemed to be functioning correctly. However, today I have...[..] View

enemies and companions are bugged during certain class missions

Dec 13, 2014, 10:42 pm I am experiencing a problem where my companions will fly into the ceilings of certain dungeons during class missions and be unavailable during fights. When this happens the enemies during these same d[..] View

Discovered Missions: Only Get Run Once

Dec 13, 2014, 10:13 pm We've had this debate on voice comms a few times - do missions you get as drops only get used once OR are they just on really long cool downs. The...[..] View

Heroic missions are obsolete

Dec 13, 2014, 10:03 pm Because of 2.0's unified planetary commendations, I don't see heroic missions being worth the time or effort anymore. With a single type of planetary commendation, I can use commendations from solo mi[..] View

Corellia Planet Stroyline missions vanished

Dec 13, 2014, 9:57 pm Ok I don't normally do this but Bioware doest seem to care about this. My Trooper was running on Corellia and doing the planetary storyline. I had just rescued the Selonian prisoners and logged out f[..] View

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