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Another "reps **** at PVP" and "Premades ruin PVP" thread

3:24 pm, November 22, 2017 So it didnt take long and Darth Malgus feels like old Progenitor times. Again ist people leaving the wz in masses, farming respawned ppl at entry area, facerolling reps with perfect class/spec balanc [..] View

weird login issues

3:24 pm, November 15, 2017 Not new player but so far, have found no solution to this issue. Installed swtor on new PC. Login screen now does not ask for my display name, but my email. I enter email associated with acct, ent [..] View

one-time **** off

3:24 am, November 7, 2017 Can you PLEASE stop demanding a "one-time" password ****. everytime I log in, I keep getting this "one-time" password **** where i'm sent a password to my e-mail to be able to logi [..] View

PSA: Security between SWTOR and EA/Origin account

4:24 am, October 30, 2017 A little heads-up on account security: If you haven't done already, go to https://account.swtor.com/user/security-key and set up a security key for your phone. What the app does is creating a seco [..] View

Just installed OLD SWTOR - cannot login - what to do?

4:24 am, August 4, 2017 Hi all, I just installed my old CDs that I've never installed before, took over an hour to install and then I registered and redeemed my code... I also created my ID. BUT, I cannot login to the game, [..] View

login server not responding

4:24 am, June 30, 2017 Hi guys i am a first time player and i just finished installing old republic signed up online and payed for the subscription and all was going good until i go to the games welcome login page to start [..] View

can't login after game is not launch.

4:24 pm, June 29, 2017 the first is i just login as always and launch the game but game windows did not start up so i try to click on swtor icon and login again but it's goes to some sort of error maybe what can i do? thi [..] View

Can't login to certain characters

4:24 pm, May 9, 2017 Hi, Suddenly today I'm unable to login to 2 of my mains for no reason. Every time I try to login to them, I see the load screen, it reaches to just over half then kicks me back to the character selec [..] View

Security Key bugged...

4:24 pm, April 2, 2017 Over the last month, my logins have been acting really odd. Whenever I attempt to log in to the game, I put in all my details, security key and then boom, it asks me for my key again, I enter it again [..] View

Returned player - how to get PvP-Gear now? Impossible and confusing.

3:24 am, February 3, 2017 So I resubbed after 2-3 month not playing. Played through story, am lv70 now. First thing I saw: PvP-stats are gone. Simply removed. No recompensation. Why did I even bother farming 208 ranked gear [..] View

No verification email sent for L20 requirement.

3:24 pm, January 2, 2017 Started playing yesterday and subscribed, got to level 21 before it was pillowtime, now when i try to login it requires an email, which i've sent.. but it never arrives to my mail. All other emails [..] View

Not a new player or a new player discussion just not sure where to post this problem.

3:24 pm, December 25, 2016 Could someone please help me with my problem. Ever since I started using Star Parse (4.*) my parses will not show on leader boards for parse dummies on Parsley.io. During 4.* I held a top 10 spot on M [..] View

Login Service Unavialable.

3:24 am, December 22, 2016 Spent the last 48 hours downloading this game. played for a couple of hours this morning and decided to subscribe. Then when I get back from lunch it says the login service is unavailable and that I s [..] View

Launcher being updated... please wait

3:24 pm, November 29, 2016 So I know this is apperently a common issue over the years but I tried everything and nothing worked. When I wanted to patch to 5.0, he just wouldn't start (error 311) and I tried fixing that by using [..] View

PvP queue pops getting longer 5.0

3:24 am, November 17, 2016 Has anyone else noticed that queue pops are getting longer since Bio started releasing what changes will be in 5.0? I know I've cut back playing because of my apathy towards the gearing changes. Cons [..] View

Returning player experiencing strange lag/fps stuttering

3:24 pm, November 11, 2016 Hello all, I have been a swtor player for since beta, and I took a long break after knights of the fallen empire was released, but have returned today after the full 16 chapters have been released and [..] View

RTN Player: Windows 10 Anniversary ED, & SWTOR

4:24 pm, October 5, 2016 Having an issue with Win10 Ann ed, & SWTOR. Went through all the forums, here & on EA support looking for an answer. NOT RUNNING NVIDIA. Issue: Can play perfectly fine. Login, etc. Ta [..] View

First-time login: Server not responding

4:24 am, September 29, 2016 As the title indicates I have problems with logging in. I have installed the game but when i write my email address and following my SWTOR password, it only says: Server not responding. What have [..] View

4:24 pm, September 14, 2016 Hey, just tried to login in swtor. That worked but when I pressed the 'play' button nothing happened. So then i went to the forum and did what they decided to do: windows button + r -> %userp [..] View

Can't login now past lv20

4:24 pm, September 5, 2016 I couldn't find the technical support thread here, so here is my problem. The game won't let me log onto my character past lv20. I input the email and click send, but the validation email never came. [..] View

My launcher dont download the game...

4:24 am, September 1, 2016 Hello, im trying to download the game at 9 hours, and nothing happens beside the message in bottom of the launcher: "Minimum download in progress". I already deactivate the firewall, and no [..] View

My cousin is not a smartest person alive.

4:24 pm, July 13, 2016 So, she goes "CRASH' and I hear her swearing in our native language, on skype. I asked "What's up?" She said. "I can't login into the game." "Why?" I asked. &quo [..] View

Security Key Query

4:24 pm, July 7, 2016 Not actually a new player but couldn't think of anywhere better to put this: My ISP is one of those annoying companies that changes your IP address every time you connect and charges extra for the pr [..] View

Game Wont Patch - The Login Service Is Currently Unavailable

4:24 pm, May 5, 2016 Hi, Im new to the game and installed the game correctly but every time i try to login in to patch the game i get 'The Login Service Is Currently Unavailable. Please Visit Our Forums For The Lastest U [..] View

Login at Prime time

4:24 am, April 14, 2016 So I decided to see if I can get any PVP pops I login to Harbinger at what should be prime time in the US. No pops for a long time in mids. Not only is the queue broken, but no one is queuing because [..] View

Fashion Question

3:24 am, March 10, 2016 I'm pretty sure somebody has already asked this question, and this thread may be in the wrong place. But I can't find the right place since I can't search in the forum! Google search results aren't pr [..] View

Something wrong with Security Keys?

3:24 pm, February 11, 2016 So, I recently added a security key to my account. The website and game both take 6 to 10 tries to get logins to work. I am typing the password correctly, and I am doing the security key correctly. [..] View

Client not starting up?:

3:24 pm, February 9, 2016 Hey :D I know there was supposed to be some kind of an update today but what happened when I tried to start up my game was that the launcher kinda froze up, I guess. I put in my login information a [..] View

Login to Swotor end Game

3:24 pm, January 20, 2016 HI My brother have problem after patch 4.04 cant log in In launcher he have this : Problem whet you account. check email for instuctions On website Swtor when he try log in have monit : You accoun [..] View

You are a newbie? Read this!!

3:24 am, January 18, 2016 Have you ever heard about friends of swtor program? Subscribers can invite others to join the Star Wars Universe by simply give them a link and they use it to login. No matters you are free-to-pla [..] View

My game is installing today

3:24 am, January 13, 2016 Did the maintenance today come with a big patch? My login says I'm "installing." I have a terrible internet service that is changing on Thursday. But now, my dl is 512 kB/s. I've been instal [..] View

SWTOR keeps freezing and locking up my desktop.

3:24 am, January 8, 2016 Hello all, I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers but I have been trying to fix the issue of my computer locking up on my own with no luck. I have an NVIDIA GTX980. During game pl [..] View

Email verification

3:24 pm, January 5, 2016 Hello, i have problem with playing my lvl 60+ chars when i try to login it says to enter email for validation when i enter it i dont receive any mail im waiting since yesterday and keep trying (im sub [..] View

New Account And Some Confusion

3:24 am, November 28, 2015 Hello, I purchased the Amazon bundle which comes with all of the games expansions. When I check my 'Games' section on the Account site it shows my game as 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel' instead of the new [..] View

Looking for Specific Help with fps

3:24 am, November 24, 2015 To start, I would like to mention that I am only posting myself after months and months of searching countless forums from just as many websites. Now, with little progress made I am coming here to loo [..] View

I can not login (sorry if here is not the place for this question)

4:24 pm, October 18, 2015 Good morning, sorry for the english, I'm brazilian! I've subscribed to the game more than a year , never had any problems. This weekend , just out of nowhere , I could not log in. I've done everything [..] View

Launcher get stuck downloading the game. FIX!

4:24 am, October 16, 2015 Hey, guys. I just wanted to share the solution to a problem I've been having last couple of times I install SWTOR. All those launcher repair tools and stuff wasn't helping and if you're reading this, [..] View

*** is this all about, Bioware? Seriously?!?

4:24 pm, October 5, 2015 OK, I'm already rather peeved at the ongoing stagnation of SWTOR, but that's neither here nor there, because I have two very specific beefs with things as they are: 1) Why no notice of the "main [..] View

Connection to server was lost

4:24 pm, October 3, 2015 Like hell it was. Can't login to any of my characters on two servers for about 24 hours. I get "your connection to the server was lost" during the loading screen. Sometimes loading complet [..] View

website thinks I am not logged in

4:24 pm, October 3, 2015 After like 20 min of being on the website if I click on my account it demands a new login, even though I have been posting on the forum. Then the whole thing freaks out, and I can not even post, it s [..] View

Login problems.

4:24 pm, September 30, 2015 Hey all I'm trying to login to swtor but when I put my password in nothing happens It either goes back and i have to put my password again or Just loads forever and actually just stays on the loading [..] View

Server transfer naming bugs NEED to be covered by BioWare.

4:24 am, September 30, 2015 I transferred one of my toons (main) off my primary server because I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reroll without losing my original. So I get up to lvl 10 or so and realize that I actually don' [..] View

Account Banned after days of subscription?

4:24 am, September 29, 2015 I've sent in an email to account disputes and haven't heard back. But I wanted to post, publicly, my frustration for being banned within two days of purchasing a subscription. The events: Friday: [..] View

Problem installing patch 3.3.2

4:24 am, September 28, 2015 Hello, not sure why but my install won't reach past 64% installing main assets 213. I've tried wiping then re download but the same thing happens. Gets to 64 % install and freezes everything. Latest l [..] View

Always having to get a password mailed to login

4:24 pm, September 24, 2015 So... now every time I go to log into SWTOR now, I get told that it doesn't recognize the computer I'm on and to Enter the One-Time Password sent to my email address. It's the same dang computer I've [..] View

Problem starting the game!

4:24 pm, September 24, 2015 Hi! I have a problem with starting my game. I can login but when i press Play nothing happens. I have tried re-install the game, and turn off UAC (User Account Control), FireWall and so on, but still [..] View

"The login service is currently unavailable"

4:24 am, September 19, 2015 I read the forums and the next patch day isn't until the 22nd, so why am I unable to log in? Checking the website, I confirmed that the servers were indeed still up. Is there something I didn't get [..] View

Major lag 300K ms

4:24 pm, September 18, 2015 hi i am having the worst lag ever .. every day since Togruta patch .. it starts from around 16:00 till 01:00 lately its even worse .. right now i cant even log in so i made a 2nd free to play [..] View

One Time Password not being sent.

4:24 pm, September 17, 2015 Earlier today my house experienced a power cut, and as usual when my router has been off I needed a One Time Password (OTPW). However, I never received one, so I checked my spam and junk mail folders [..] View

Patch problems

4:24 am, September 14, 2015 Hi i'm kinda new to the game so here goes. I encountered a problem with patching where it says unspecified error. I did all the necessary steps by changing the bitraider in the launcher settings and i [..] View

Unable to Retrieve Server List / Repeated Disconnects

4:24 am, September 10, 2015 This evening while trying to play on Ebon Hawk, I am getting repeatedly disconnected. Upon disconnect, I get an "Unable to Retrieve Server List" error, so I restart the game. I have also [..] View

Wow, is swtor in trouble again?......

4:24 am, September 8, 2015 Just was a bit shocked to login just now and found I was the only person on tatooine in the only instance. Never seen that even before f2p, have the player numbers collapsed again. I know it's 6am on [..] View

Windows 10 cause problems for starting the game!

4:24 am, September 4, 2015 Update! I deleted my Windows 10 version of the AMD Radeon graphic drivers and installed them fresh again,, yet still I cannot get to start up the game and play :mad: I login and I press start on the [..] View

Launcher verbugged

4:24 pm, August 30, 2015 Hallo, habe ein Problem mit dem Launcher nun schon seit über 2 Tagen. Am Freitag während des Tages und obwohl ich einige Male eingelogt war, ging der Launcher irgendwann nicht weit [..] View

Login failure #-134 recorded

4:24 pm, August 27, 2015 Greetings to all of you, since today i got issues to log into the client. I always get : Code: 2015-08-27 17:58:02 INFO Timezone: -120 2015-08-27 17:58:03 INFO SpecsHash=794042359.2425948310 20 [..] View

Cant login with my other Account...

4:24 pm, August 25, 2015 so i have two accounts this is my 2nd one and the first was my main way back when this game was still P2P and i tried logging in but it says login failed while this account i have no problem with. Som [..] View

Launcher doesn't Login

4:24 pm, August 23, 2015 Today (7pm UTC+3) I've tried to login and nothing hapenned. More than that clicking exit did nothing so i had to do that in Task Manager. I deleted the game and reinstalled it. After launcher update [..] View

Continuous crashes since this morning 8/20/2015

4:24 pm, August 20, 2015 I have been crashing continuously upon login since this morning, it usually takes between 10 seconds to a minute to just suddenly freeze up and my game becomes a black screen. I can still hear sounds [..] View


4:24 pm, August 17, 2015 Ich habe seit heute Mittag Probleme mit dem SWTOR-Launcher. Immer, wenn ich diesen öffne, kann ich mich auf Grund der Fehlermeldung "Der Login-Server ist im Moment nicht erreichbar." [..] View

Game stuck at loading screen after login, before character select

4:24 pm, August 13, 2015 hi. i have tried to get into the game for a while now and my game just keep loading, the droid eye is spinning but nothing happens i have tried some steps to make it work but nothing happens clean [..] View

Windows 7 game wont launch from launcher

4:24 am, August 13, 2015 Last week had to uninstall and reinstall three times to get the game to patch. Now this week game wont launch period. Launcher comes up login seems to work... initialize then play lights up. Click pl [..] View

Security key problem

4:24 pm, August 12, 2015 Hello! My friend has a problem - he lost his security key app when he performed full reset of his phone. How he can use his account without SC or how he can get new or old serial number of this app w [..] View

Game Launcher Error

4:24 pm, August 11, 2015 I was able to play this morning but now when I login the "Play" button is grayed out. I wait 30 seconds then get an error saying "This application has encountered an unspecified error. [..] View

4:24 am, August 11, 2015 Hallo habe folgendes Problem bei meinem 55er Sith Hexer auf dem Server T3-M4: Mir ist gestern der Rechner abgestürzt (warum keine Ahnung). Nach einem Reboot lief alles ganz normal, einziges [..] View

Having trouble with download speed.

4:24 am, August 6, 2015 I've been having this issue for a while now with absurdly low download speed. I decided accordingly to try a fix by accessing launcher.settings, and found that was contained there was completely diffe [..] View

Close programs to prevent information loss

4:24 pm, July 20, 2015 I can login and get to the character selection screen without a single issue but once I pick my character, the game crashes and I get a popup that says "Close programs to prevent information lo [..] View

Harbinger Login Queues and Failing to login Toon

4:24 pm, July 20, 2015 Hi All, Is anyone else seeing login queues on Harbinger? Once the queue clears I then get the login issue where you can not select a toon to play. The only fix is the restart the client and try agai [..] View

Can log into game, website but not forums

4:24 pm, July 19, 2015 With Chrome, at least. I just tried with IE and (obviously) succeeded. So, with Chrome I can access the site but not the forums. If I try to post, I get the 'you are not logged in' page. When I click [..] View

4:24 am, July 17, 2015 Hallo, ich habe seit wenigen Tagen das Problem, das ich nach dem Login, anstelle der üblichen Charakterauswahl einen komplett Lila / Rosa / Pinken (ich bekomme die Farben nicht auseinander g [..] View

Login issues again -_-

4:24 am, July 12, 2015 "Login service is currently unavailable" is back again, it seems to come randomly and gets resolved after a few hours, this error is followed by two more bugs 1. Error 1005 2. The server l [..] View

Problems with Transfer- and CS Agent isn't getting it

4:24 pm, July 11, 2015 On June 27th, I took advantage of the lowered transfer rates, and consolidated my characters. Originally when PvP existed, I was on Prophesy of the Five for Red and Ebon Hawk for Blue. I had kitted [..] View

Cannot connect to the servers - Error 1003

4:24 pm, July 11, 2015 All right, so for the last two hours I've attempted almost everything to fix this issue. I've been playing the game avidly for the last two days without any issues at all. When I attempted to login to [..] View

I lost my account

4:24 pm, July 10, 2015 Hello , I have a little problem , recently I wanted to play swtor but could not login into e-mail, I have an old account login details . I can write what I remember, tell me please, can you convert my [..] View

Can't Log In to Launcher or Account

4:24 am, July 8, 2015 I can't seem to log in to my account at all using the launcher or my online account. The forums are all that is working for me right now -- I can't access my account, my Subscription information or th [..] View

If inactivity times out ot server selection, upon entering charicter screen no login

4:24 am, July 4, 2015 I have a steady 37ms to the server Shadowlands. If I get logged out to the server selection screen due to inactivity, and I click on that server it presents me with my characters. If I then click on [..] View

Someone is attamping to gain access to my account

4:24 pm, July 2, 2015 I'll try to keep it short. I played during launch. Stopped shortly after. During my abscence I got numerous mails of someone trying to gain access to my account. Since I wasnt playing I didnt gave i [..] View

Problems with launcher and screen resolution.

4:24 pm, June 30, 2015 Every time I login and launch SWToR my screen resolution is set super low and ToR appears as a thin window on the upper left-hand side of my screen. I can adjust my desktop's resolution but ToR remain [..] View

Can't Log Into Any Character

4:24 pm, June 24, 2015 I got disconnected from a flashpoint and haven't been able to play any of my character's since. I've tried exiting out of the client and relogging multiple times. After 2-3 minute loading screen I get [..] View

Launcher always update on login, and gets stalled at 75~%.

4:24 am, June 24, 2015 Sometimes it will load but it is like reloading the entire game. It consistently has me update the game even if I had just exited the game right before that. I'm not sure what to do; Any help would be [..] View

Game Still Downloading Error

4:24 pm, June 20, 2015 I've had the game installed for months now but now when I login (the launcher pops up fine and from there the game loads). However when I get to my list of toons at the very top it is now telling me & [..] View

Keep trying to log in and everything just shuts down..

4:24 am, June 20, 2015 Was in the middle of playing and it signed me out.. When I went to login it says there was a sign in error.. Tried to sign in an hour later, the game will launch and then just shuts down.. Hellpp plea [..] View

Experiences Crash to Restart when in game ( randomly)

4:24 am, June 18, 2015 Hi team I seem to be experiencing crashes at random times Some days I am good in game , others I am not What happens is I will be in game, and the computer will crash and restart the whole computer [..] View

On Companion Affection; a Guide

4:24 pm, June 14, 2015 Sooner or later there will come a time when you will find yourself needing a few Companion Gifts to raise the affection of your erstwhile compatriots towards the mythical 10,000 maximum. Now maybe you [..] View

Issues with the launcher AND the server list not populating

4:24 pm, June 12, 2015 I've been having these issues since last night. The launcher will occasionally tell me it had an error and couldn't initialize (an issue I see others have been having from another thread), but then ev [..] View

Proposed solution to leaving WZ/Arenas early

4:24 pm, June 4, 2015 Let me start off by saying that I personally don't consider leaving early to be that big of a deal. I don't like to do it personally, even in a game where my team is completely hopeless. That said, I [..] View

Unable to login.

4:24 am, May 29, 2015 Several minutes ago, I was playing ToR, and the bar turned to a red x. I waited several minutes, because usually it goes back to normal after a few seconds, but nothing happened. I had to close the ga [..] View

The Red Eclipse: Login Service Unavailable?

4:24 am, May 23, 2015 I never know if this message is one of those "only me" types, or "affecting everyone". Can anyone else confirm/disprove if the login service is currently unavailable on TRE? Syrle [..] View

Game crashes after i hit "play"

4:24 am, May 19, 2015 Ok i'm not particularly knowledgeable of computers but i did do my homework. Game basically crashes after i hit play: a few seconds after i hit play the window comes up and drops less then a second la [..] View

Wont let me log into The Harbinger

4:24 pm, May 18, 2015 When i try to login to the harbinger at the server selection screen it pops up and says loging in and i have waited almost an hour the pop up is still there saying loging in. :(:rak_confused: its now [..] View

Deplorable customer service

4:24 am, May 17, 2015 My account was hacked and banned for "gold farming type behaviors". Lucky me the credit card I had saved for my subscription was also being used in game to purchase hundreds of dollars of s [..] View

Unify Colors not working for some toons on logout

4:24 am, May 15, 2015 So I just spent a considerable amount of money moving all my best mods from My operative and my Sniper into a Legacy bound Blue Gree set of Armor. I stamped my original looks on my 1st decoration/outf [..] View

The Gree don't want me playing this game.

4:24 pm, May 13, 2015 The Gree event has started, but apparently, they are using their advanced technology to prevent me from joining the game. Ever since their arrival was announced in the launcher, they have been using t [..] View

How can I look for in-game friends in this web?

4:24 pm, May 10, 2015 I had to quit the game for studies and when I played I met a very good guy and I told him I couldn't play for 6 months, I have been reloging for a week but I have not found him, so I would like to kn [..] View

Launcher Black Screen

4:24 am, May 10, 2015 Hello everyone today i wanted to try out SWTOR again so i booted up my launcher only to find that my screen even before the login and update section just went completely black and said (Not Responding [..] View

Issues with Application.

4:24 am, May 6, 2015 I have had issues all day with getting logged off for no reason, and then not being able to log back on to the server. Now when I try, I get past the login screen to the initializing process and I get [..] View

Clicking play on the launcher yet game opens to black screen then crashes to desktop.

4:24 pm, May 4, 2015 Hey all. I don't know if anyone else is having this but i have had the same problem since Friday now. i have been on the forums and done what OP have done to fix it...yet still broke. My Log File for [..] View

There is no download, there is only peace...

4:24 pm, April 30, 2015 Fun times this afternoon. 1. 3.2a took 4 login attempts to download. 2. Client crashed to desktop on every attempt after it did finally load. 3. Called customer service, they had me delete bi [..] View

Moronic Service Leading to cancelled accounts

4:24 pm, April 23, 2015 OK, just had one of those calls with Customer Service. Basically my son tried to login from his PC but the game decided it wasn't his normal machine and told him it has sent him a verification code b [..] View

Help! Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent bugs , unplayable

4:24 am, April 19, 2015 So , I have been playing for some time now, and I am so happy with this game. But , lately , there have been 2 big issues that have made it impossible to play both my Imperial Agent and my Jedi Knight [..] View

Crashing to desktop at launch

4:24 pm, April 18, 2015 Right after I enter my login info into the launcher, the game goes to the Shadow of Revan splash screen then proceeds to crash to desktop. I tried deleting the bitraider subfolders as recommended in [..] View


Login issue...

Mar 20, 2015, 4:36 am ... so early in the night I was out using my laptop, public networking etc... I was able to connect to SWTOR just fine. 4 hours later I get home, nothing. I get:<br><br> This application has enco[..] View

Lag spikes on The Progenitor, now unable to login.

Mar 10, 2015, 3:25 am Was just raiding with my group when my MS spiked from it's usual 25-33 by 1k MS per sec all the way to 150k and then I DC'ed from the game. Restarted the game, then PC, turned my router off and on, et[..] View

Can't login to specific character

Mar 8, 2015, 5:43 am Hi, the problem occurred while I was on my Nar Shaddaa stronghold with my juggernaut level 35, my connection died, when it came back I was unable to log in with that character, the other ones work fin[..] View

Error: The login service is currently unavailable.

Mar 6, 2015, 4:27 pm Tried to login today and I keep getting this error, "The login service is currently unavailable. Details can be found on our Twitter account." <br><br> Checked the Twitter account and theres nothing [..] View

Login to Jung Ma and get red bar immediately

Mar 3, 2015, 3:44 pm I logged into Jung Ma today to be met with an instant red bar upon getting to my character. I've submitted 3 different tickets across 2-3 weeks and have on each occasion received an automatic response[..] View

Login not possible

Feb 20, 2015, 4:48 am hello there,<br><br> i can't login anymore as the launcher says: Name, Password or Security Key is incorrect<br> i am using the hardware security key from the collectores edition.<br><br> * tried o[..] View

loging unavailable.

Feb 17, 2015, 3:31 pm Hi, <br> Looks like there are problems with the login.<br> "The login service is currently unavailable. Please visit forums for the latest updates..."<br><br> Where can i look this info?<br><br> 1[..] View

login help

Feb 8, 2015, 5:09 am hey i havnt played in a long time i tried logging in and said login service unavailable, i tried redownloading the game off the site to the current copy.. still i have the same issue. tried logging in[..] View

Login failing due to "unexpected error" even after renewing my launcher

Feb 3, 2015, 2:12 am First I am angry about not being able to contact customer support by some sort of mail. Its "ingame" or by phone wich is very costly. "Ingame" is kinda hard when you cannot login so being forced to [..] View

Login Server nicht verfügbar

Jan 23, 2015, 10:42 pm Hallo musste das Spiel neuinstallieren weil die Meldung 100000 mal kam "Login Server nicht Verf&uuml;gbar" Die Meldung beim Launcher nach der Neuinstallation von der CD aus: Login Server Nicht verf[..] View

Login server not available -.-

Jan 22, 2015, 3:35 pm hello I had to reinstall the game because several times came the message: "Login server not available" The message when Launcher after reinstalling from the CD: "Login server not available" Below i[..] View

Login Service unavaliable

Jan 18, 2015, 5:46 pm Hi, I have tried the steps outlined in the sticky post but no luck so far. Before this issue happened, I had a "unable to retrieve patch data" error 208 issue. I called my ISP and managed to resolve[..] View

Returning player help (login)

Jan 11, 2015, 2:10 am Hi guys, My wife has an account (f2p) and she wants to get back into the game, but she forgot all information associated with the account (display name, password), and there is no e-mail associated w[..] View

Cannot login with credentials

Jan 7, 2015, 5:28 pm EDIT: Issue resolved I removed SC and will be using OTP until I set it up again on another phone. Following upgrading my Origin account security by enabling Origin security codes. The Launcher no lon[..] View

Security key issue.. lucky I was login already

Dec 26, 2014, 5:19 pm Well I have the security key app for my android and when I generate a new key the launcher shows an error that the key or any information is...[..] View

patcher server down. cant login to SWTOR

Dec 26, 2014, 1:04 pm I am getting this error message when i try to login "the patcher service is temporary unavailable. Please check the forum." I have tried a)...[..] View

Login-Server nicht erreichbar

Dec 26, 2014, 1:00 pm wollte mich heute 08.04. einloggen und dauernd bekomme ich die meldung login-server nicht erreichbar. :mad: gestern hatte ich damit keinerlei...[..] View

Latency explosion during login

Dec 26, 2014, 12:56 pm When i log into the game, after character selection, my latency grow up to 16k and more. Here is pathping and tracer: Spoiler Tracing route to over a maximum of [..] View

Login intro sound not working!

Dec 26, 2014, 11:25 am Hi ppl! I have a small prob. When I login, I can no longer hear the characteristic sci-fi sound that plays when the play button becomes available to...[..] View

Login service "unavailable"???

Dec 25, 2014, 8:44 pm Guys, I cannot even login through the launcher! I put my screen name, password, security code, and...boom, &#34;login service currently not available&#34;. check forums. Forums refer to character lo[..] View

Game forzen upon login!!

Dec 24, 2014, 7:06 am So I just recently resubbed due to financial issues. I couldn't wait to get back into the game and try the expansion out! I managed to originally login fine on my trooper. After playing through the Fo[..] View

Cant login with launcher.

Dec 22, 2014, 7:10 pm Its seems that im having issues with the launcher and it says the login server doesnt work. Anyone else having the same issue atm?[..] View

Disconnect Continuously after character login. Error Code 9000

Dec 21, 2014, 8:58 pm I haven't played in a while. Just started again few nights ago, but I am unable to get more than a few steps after selecting my character. I have comcast internet and I believe this is the first tim[..] View

cannot connect (no login service available)

Dec 21, 2014, 12:21 pm i am unable to connect to the game this morning, was working just fine last night and i have not changed any setting on my pc....i went through many of the suggestions in the other posts to no avail .[..] View

Cant login to PTS

Dec 21, 2014, 3:56 am I've downloaded 1.3 and when I press play it gives me an network error msg. I can login and play my normal account fine. Any help would be...[..] View

Can't login to a server

Dec 21, 2014, 1:35 am After I sign in there aren't any servers to select so I can play. Please help[..] View

the login service is currently unavailable bug

Dec 18, 2014, 10:42 pm Every time I try to login on the launcher I get the login service unavailable bug... The actual phrase is: &#34;The login service is currently is unavailable. Details can be found on our Twitter accou[..] View

After loging in there is a Red screen and it says there?

Dec 18, 2014, 8:07 pm Hello guys, every since the minor update they did 3is days ago I cannot play swtor... This is what happens I login, the game is loading it goes into...[..] View

Login Probleme

Dec 18, 2014, 7:24 pm oi! Habe heute morgen Probleme ins Spiel einzulogen. Gestern beim Patch keine Probleme gehabt, jedoch lsst mich der Launcher heute nicht ins Spiel. Nachdem ich die Login Daten eingegeben habe dauert [..] View

Cannot login - no otp!

Dec 18, 2014, 4:14 pm <b>Bioware, i try login and play game what i pay my money, but i cannot get this your f*cking one-time password 2 hours, cuz your f*cking mail dont send it to me! Solve this problem asap! Its f*ck[..] View

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