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Need to vent PVP thread 2018

4:24 pm, April 18, 2018 I have a 57 sniper I last played a couple years ago, so decided to recreate a new sniper just to reacquaint myself with the abilities and to mess through the early class quests for fun. After doing H [..] View

Cartel Marked - Weapon design, are the damage as..

4:24 pm, March 28, 2018 Hey. I bought me a [GEMINI MK-4 Quick Savant Sniper Rifle] on the GTN for 1.3 mil credits, i were not aware that you could not transmogrify weapons, so i am now wondering what are the idea then behin [..] View

fix the salty players on swtor.

4:24 am, March 28, 2018 There seems to be a great deal amount of players that queue for flash points and they are just in a super bad mood. They have no patience and are quick to call other people names. I thought of an idea [..] View

Izax VM's POV vid and written guide

4:24 am, March 25, 2018 Hello guys, this is Axomm Gm of <Aeon> on Satele Shan and today I'm linking you guys the guide to VM Izax and a video of our **** to help other groups be able to complete the encounter a [..] View

Reasonable changes to arenas/warzones in 2018 we pray for.

3:24 pm, January 19, 2018 One more Warzone: (Surprise us), Also sad that we will likely never see a new Huttball due to the negative reaction to Queshball. :mad:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmUx10I18I The hype was real &q [..] View

Best way to farm credit? (heroics? weekly? daily? operations?)

3:24 am, January 4, 2018 hi guys,i just wantend to know wich are the best way to make credits in the shortest time possible. my objective is to do 1.000.000 in like and hour or less,what should i do? any help is apprecieted [..] View

How to fix OPG?

4:24 pm, August 19, 2017 So here's the story. I think it's everyone's story... I'm in OPG, and there is this awesome melee going on at "north" (pick your favorite node). People are dying, running back. No one act [..] View

The hatred

4:24 pm, August 7, 2017 Wow, guys, as for my long time of experience with SWTOR, I haven’t seen anything like that yet. One may actually wonder why, for goodness sake, there is so much hate among people playing a [..] View

Why operatives are not OP.

4:24 am, May 13, 2017 It seems people are under the notion that operatives are godly warriors that dominate everyone in every direction from across the map. Rifle shot and Frag Grenade are even brought into question. Low y [..] View

Help me with Critical Rating vs Power

4:24 pm, May 12, 2017 I need help with stats because I am completely lost. I play a Hatred Assasin and started reading about what stats should I focus on and so on. I found Krea's guide to be very helpful for this spec. I [..] View

Master Loot your...

4:24 pm, April 29, 2017 Dear "Story Mode Operation Leaders", Let me start by saying that I'm doing raids with you kind of out of necessity. If the whole idea of GC had anything good in it, it was that they made al [..] View

Please save ranked

4:24 pm, April 26, 2017 Ranked is a joke now with the bad class imbalance. I see and hear ppl rage quitting ranked and rolling regs only now because of how bad the balance has become. It's bad enough Bioware never invested [..] View

Tips For Absolute Beginners! (By a Beginner)

4:24 am, April 24, 2017 Hey there! If you stumbled across and are bothering to read this, it means you probably need some basic info on SWTOR! With the hundreds of guides by people far more qualified than me, you may get a [..] View

KEITH - Thanks and a suggestion

4:24 am, April 23, 2017 Keith, First off I wanted to say welcome and thanks for being so communicative from the start - it's a very refreshing start. You'll probably notice a lot of negativity in the PvP forums recently. T [..] View

Suggestion: Stealth Scan is Useless, it Needs to Also be Invisible

4:24 am, April 18, 2017 What's the point of even using it if they can see the droids floating there and then just go around or wait? Right now, stealthers have complete run of the place. Unless I happen to get lucky and dr [..] View

The only fun PVP without gear issues

3:24 am, January 30, 2017 The way things stand at the moment, the only pvp in the game that doesn't have gear issues or big gear gap is pre 70 pvp. It doesn't seem to matter what lvl your gear is, as long as you have every sl [..] View

Dear Republic, Stop playing Sentinels.

3:24 pm, January 7, 2017 Here is a tip, don't play one. Reasons! 1. The Maras and Sentinels doing the best on harb, hitting 6k-7k on a consistent basis, are cheating. 2. because marcs and mandos are as far as the eye can s [..] View

A newly returned player needs help

3:24 pm, December 23, 2016 As title states, i am level 55 and returned after a couple of years away. The game is totally new to me again now and i am totally clueless, ive just spent all morning correcting graphics and trying [..] View

Guide: How to F2P in 5.0

3:24 pm, December 23, 2016 There’s been lots of discussion on how crippled the SWTOR Free to Play (F2P) option is, and that it is even worse in 5.0. All that is true. BUT, I do want to assure new players (are there [..] View

FP/Uprising/Ops/Heroics CXP Now Worthless, HM Ops not worth the time

3:24 pm, December 3, 2016 For losing a warzone, I receive 500 CXP. Takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. From completing a SM operation, I receive maybe 700-800 CXP, 1k tops and it takes 45 minutes minimum. We used to be able to [..] View

*** am I doing in the warzone?

4:24 pm, October 25, 2016 I started to play in warzone sometimes and I gotta say I'm a shame lol... They **** me before I could blink, characters who are like ten levels under me. I have never ****** anyone and totally useless [..] View

Killik Elite mobs giving too much xp

4:24 pm, July 18, 2016 Hi, maybe its just me, but i was now lvling the last few lvls on my toon to 50 by doing solo heroics. I have the list of quick heroics to get xp fast (dont care about credits or anything). When i was [..] View

An amazing post by Overwatch's director PvPers should read

4:24 am, June 23, 2016 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overw...5504371#post-3 The full post is behind the spoiler. One of the most interesting and insightful things is the psychology that people bring to the game. Kaplan [..] View

Blackscreen on startup

4:24 pm, June 16, 2016 So yet another launcher issue hoooray.... Another BIG task for devs, here is something for you to rub your big head now; Getting black screen after click play. Drivers are update, have reinstalled [..] View

4:24 am, June 16, 2016 I love the game and dont want to leave it, just like all my friends are doing. But need to admit that PVP is almost dead. Its so sad, Im crying :( . But before it happens I would like to see some clas [..] View

stop giving the hacks their 15 minutes...

4:24 pm, May 1, 2016 Posting stuff here is pointless, the devs dont read this forum anyway. We all know who they are at this point. How about we stop giving them what they want and let their names fade into oblivion alo [..] View

Need help on Firebrand and Stormcaller Nim

3:24 am, March 10, 2016 Hey all, My group has been attempting to prog on Nim EC for a little bit now, and we're totally stumped on the tanks. Our group comp is two combat sents, two gunslingers (typically in dirty fighting [..] View

I tried level 65 PVP for the first time in months

3:24 pm, February 8, 2016 :eek: What an absolute clusterf***. The sheer amount of skills going off is insane, but mostly the amount of movement is utterly stupid. There are so many bloody leaps, pulls, teleports, predation et [..] View

Sorcs again

3:24 am, January 31, 2016 Yeah, yeah, you are the underdogs, you get blown to pieces when focused, yadayada. The imperial faction on TRE seems to think otherwise because 25 out of the 30 matches I played this couple of days (y [..] View

Building a new PC - parts ok? What case should I get?

3:24 am, January 27, 2016 Planning to build a new PC for work, gaming and such. I thought this might be a good place to ask about PC builds since SWTOR is probably one of the more resource intensive games that I play. I want [..] View

Returning Player's PvP Thoughts

3:24 am, January 20, 2016 I've been a fan of MMORPG style Tab-Target PvP since playing Anarchy Online years ago. I've played both AO and WoW since release on and off, resulting in a lot of experience and interest in any game t [..] View

Why Xenoanalyst is the best raid boss ever made

3:24 am, January 17, 2016 I just wanted to express myself, why I love this encounter so much. Maybe noone cares, or maybe someone do. Maybe BioWare wants feedback, I don't know. But here it goes anyway. I'm a fairly seasoned [..] View

Please make sorcsheal care about interrupts

3:24 am, January 10, 2016 Their toolkit is almost endless, they have the best sustain and burstheals, so I think it'd be fair if they were easier to shut down via interrupts. This way there would be a reason to take op or eve [..] View

World PvP and Companions

3:24 pm, December 30, 2015 So I'm on a PvP server and ran into a couple of players in Rishi, both of which I attacked, resulting in stalemates. Companion healing was strong enough that neither of us could **** the other. I en [..] View

Idea for GF-System

3:24 pm, December 20, 2015 hi I have an idea for because Group Finder, very often groups do not agree! Whether you going to do with bonus, or not normal says the tank if he is willing go on that! Speaks with the group previousl [..] View

Question about trauma and self healing

3:24 pm, December 20, 2015 Say I'm playing a sniper/mara, and I was trying to solo a juggernaut or PT. Would inflicting trauma on them do anything for me? Is a a juggernaut's self healing diminished by it? That would make sense [..] View

4.0 and necessary changes to the classes for PVP (BW should read this)

3:24 am, November 8, 2015 PTs - AP needs a burst damage nerf. Pyro needs a buff to survivability. Tank PT is fine. Sorcs - Madness needs a damage nerf to their dots and a nerf to their self heals. Healing sorcs need their [..] View

HM endgame feels unrewarding, make the currency useful maybe?

3:24 am, November 4, 2015 I mean I thought the whole point of having an endgame currency is that if you don't have luck on loot rolls you could still progress in some form and earn your gear over a long period of time independ [..] View

SWTOR PvP is a complete joke.

3:24 am, November 4, 2015 So, let me preface this and say that ive been mmo gaming for almost 15 years. I pvp in every game i play, pretty extensively. I have a tendency to love underpowered classes, mostly because ive come to [..] View

new win ten computer install problem D3dx9_38.dll is missing

4:24 am, August 25, 2015 I have just set up bootcamp windows 10 on an Apple 5K 27" imac this was a clean install with a fresh iSO from Microsoft installed windows ten and used a thumb drive to transfer the EA folder [..] View

No more lagspikes or FPS-drops

4:24 pm, August 24, 2015 Hello dear Star Wars fans! I would like to share some little info I just recently learned about this game. Now, it's hardly news to say that SWTOR is badly optimized, but I've been having some really [..] View

How can players with 5 stacks of dread survive Dreadtooth?

4:24 pm, August 13, 2015 I know this isn't exactly an operation, but the world boss operations quest you can get from the mission terminal on fleet is considered an operation. In addition, it takes an operation sized group ( [..] View

Bioware: Star Wars is an epic story of Sith vs. Jedi / Republic vs. Empire

4:24 pm, July 25, 2015 So why? Why? Do you hate PvP so much? I realize that you get your Subscriptions and money regardless, but if you logged the time spent on your game PvPers vs. PvEers you would see that the majority [..] View

A Savior for PvP Ranked and Duelists with Ranked 1v1

4:24 am, July 10, 2015 Over the Seasons, Ranked PvP has become less and less populated, pretty much to the point where everyone knows just about everyone who plays ranked. Some servers don't even get ranked pops. Since Biow [..] View

Solutions for No X-Server and 'Redesigned' Rewards (?)

4:24 am, June 24, 2015 Let's start with the fact that Bioware has not released any new PvP content in over two years, apart from the most disliked warzone (Quesh Huttball). With no commitment to new PvP content apart some s [..] View

Pugging 55 SM Group Finder Ops - Group Formation Mental Prompts

4:24 am, June 2, 2015 Enjoying the new 55 classic op Group Finder Queue. Easy ops, literally a breeze to get through them with new level cap/gear. Nevertheless, formation of such can sometimes take longer than expected. [..] View

The Voice of the Lone Sith

4:24 pm, May 29, 2015 Okay, I have a high opinion I would like to voice right here and now: I DO NOT like Ops, Raids, or Conquest. It seems in every goddamn guild I've been in, I come across a lot of players who take this [..] View

Buggy character screen. Game closes after selecting a character to play.

4:24 pm, May 25, 2015 Hello folks. Very strange problem i encountered. My character selection screen seems to have a lot of graphical bugs, the background will be black while the character is visible with only some featu [..] View

Game crashes after i hit "play"

4:24 am, May 19, 2015 Ok i'm not particularly knowledgeable of computers but i did do my homework. Game basically crashes after i hit play: a few seconds after i hit play the window comes up and drops less then a second la [..] View

Money Refund -.-

4:24 pm, May 6, 2015 I stupidly went out and bought cartel coins (off amazon, no less, for the supposed exclusive item I haven't gotten) to buy some of the new packs, only to discover that unless you're rich, you aren't g [..] View

HM Sparky & avoiding the brutalize mechanic

4:24 am, April 16, 2015 The infamous insta-**** 7M+ one-shot brutalize kinda stinks for the tanks and all. After reading through the forum posts, it sounds like the consensus is that if sparky doesn't have to leap to the ta [..] View

Too many roots, too many stuns, bye swtor

4:24 pm, April 14, 2015 I've played this game since launch off and on. From the beginning pvp was one of the most terribly executed things in an mmo I've ever seen. There is a reason this game has been nicknamed stun wars. I [..] View

struggling on Sword Squad - whats your experience in dtps

4:24 am, April 1, 2015 Hi, my raidgroup is currently working on Sword Squadron 8man HC but we have some trouble with it. So I would like to know what's your experience on damage taken in average. We use standard group c [..] View

Flashpoints 101, or How to stay off the "Weird people" thread

3:24 am, February 19, 2015 Purpose This last double XP weekend, while doing some lowbie FPs, I ran in to some players of the sort who sometimes end up on the Weird People you meet in Groupfinder thread (which I'm a big fan of, [..] View

Just cancelled due to Bit Raider

3:24 am, February 8, 2015 I feel really abused by EA. I paid money for the game disks when the game was not yet released because it was not a free to play game. When it went F2P I felt duped, my disks were worthless, so I th [..] View

The apparent lack of customer service in this expansion is appalling . . .

3:24 pm, January 24, 2015 I find it interesting that when it was decided there was an issue this week with the cartel slot machines that was remedied IMMEDIATELY, and the machines were nerfed down to the point of being nearly [..] View

Post all available crew missions

3:24 pm, January 16, 2015 One of the biggest frustrations for me as a crafter is when I am trying to gather crafting materials off the crew missions. This is especially true on Archeology since it has not only power crystal a [..] View

Fresh level 60 gearing question

3:24 am, December 16, 2014 Hi, a new assassin 60 with hatred spec has some questions about gearing. 1. For PvE, accuracy needs to be 100% for DPS, correct? 2. For PvP, can I completely disregard accuracy? 3. I can't find Pv [..] View

Floor of Spaceport Not Rendering - Characters cannot progress

4:24 pm, October 31, 2014 I cannot enter the shuttle on the Imperial side due to the floor of the spaceport not rendering. On the Republic side, my character is stuck in Courasant because again the floor will not render correc [..] View

Error Code: C1, Client initialization failed.

4:24 pm, October 28, 2014 When I try to launch the game I get the following error pop-ups: Quote: swtor.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x771ae5c9 referenced memory at 0x00000014. T [..] View

one time password BS

4:24 pm, October 22, 2014 just cancelled my sub and my wifes sub due to the completely ridiculous "one time password" policy of the ******* running this game. I wanted to warn any new subscribers that you may h [..] View

Boku Error.

10:17 am, April 26, 2014 So I was trying to buy 450 CC with Boku. I am in Australia, and in the past this has worked PERFECTLY. Flawless, reply to the message instant CC credited to my account. Now, I run into this error: [..] View

Lights flickering bug

10:17 pm, April 25, 2014 Hi everyone. So basically I am having a graphics issue that involves almost every light-source or glowing element of the game, is flickering. I have not seen anyone else with this issue, but this has [..] View

Vanguard Tank PVP

10:17 pm, April 14, 2014 Hi there. First time poster here, iv not see anyone put up a post about vanguard tanks in PVP before so i thought i might try my own and see other peoples opinions. Iv been juggling some numbe [..] View


10:17 pm, April 6, 2014 Hi guys, Looking at some desktops to play the game, around medium graphics minimum with good performance. (Not maximum graphics and flawless, but you know what I mean.) What would be the specs requ [..] View

Bolster at level 55 - FAQ Vs Reality

4:17 pm, April 6, 2014 Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 7299143) As many of you likely know, in the past we had an entry level set of PvP gear called the Recr [..] View

Hyperspace crash breaks esseles regardless of alt tab

10:17 pm, March 31, 2014 Hello wastes of oxygen calling yourselves developers. Today, for the 7th time, the esseles quest was once again, broken by the infamous hyperspace crash. this crash has been present since a few pat [..] View

Letter from BioWare Jail. State of the game Beta-Present.

10:17 am, March 29, 2014 Let me begin this letter with this: I am a life time Star Wars fan. Yes, I played SWG for 10 years (Alpha-close) and was just as excited as the next guy to hear about SWTOR. Having my game close so SW [..] View


4:17 am, March 27, 2014 I don't know if this has been proposed and, to be honest, don't have time to find out. But, since valor is useless, why not take this approach: Low level valor - level 75 75 level valor - 100 [..] View

Order to play my class stories...?

10:17 pm, March 17, 2014 Hey guys, I've recently returned to the game from a long hiatus and have restarted all my characters. I know which order I want to play my characters in, more or less, but I was wondering if you thi [..] View

The Duskwalkers End-game Community on The Progenitor

10:17 am, March 12, 2014 Hi, the Duskwalkers are now recruiting. The Duskwalkers is not a guild, but end-game community aimed to bring people from all guilds, or guildless, together so we can always find mature, well-equip [..] View

RWZ matchmaking...joke?

10:17 am, March 12, 2014 Hi all. I play this game since day one and it is the first time that i feel i want to post something on these forums. Regarding PVP arena matchmaking. I suppose there is something allready discussed [..] View

For the Record: Reactive Warding vs Shield Amplification

4:17 pm, March 10, 2014 Just to get this out there in a post that can be linked tl;dr: The Reactive Warding is best in slot for any boss where torparse shows your damage taken is less than roughly 1850 DtPS. This value v [..] View

Game closes to desktop

9:17 am, February 16, 2014 I've been having this issue for quite a long time already. And I know many other people have this problem with the game too. The thing is, the game crashes to desktop without any warning, no error mes [..] View

Account wide cartel item unlocks (Ticket Ref: 11724676)

9:17 pm, February 10, 2014 I submitted the above ticket earlier on today and have logged in to find it closed. The response given is stock nonsense that is almost entirely irrelevant to the content of my ticket. In short, who [..] View

Strongest openers?

3:17 pm, January 28, 2014 Okay.... So I was reading KBN's Combat guide and he stated that basically any tank should be able to hold aggro vs a geared to the nine's Carnage opening which can be upwards of several very large hi [..] View

Watchman sentinels need a deserved PVP buff.

3:17 pm, January 24, 2014 Simple: :D 1. 2% healing from bleeds up from 1%. 2. Make bleeds uncleasable and ticking faster / harder. 3. Leap root (3 sec) by default and slow (50%) for 6 sec in the same time since most classes [..] View

Why buy/find/hunt new armor?

9:17 am, January 17, 2014 Ok, as far as i understand it, as soon as you have a complete set of fully modifyable armor plus weapon there is absolutely no need anymore to pick up any loot whatsoever because you can keep using yo [..] View

I hit 50 on my character now what?

3:17 am, January 17, 2014 So I just hit 50 on my operative, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. I'm a long time WoW player so I am used to the fact that raids from the previous expansion are considered outdated/usel [..] View

Hate speech against people with disabilities, what is the punishment?

3:17 pm, January 6, 2014 A player was giving me **** because I am disabled. They said I was useless, they cursed at me, they said I messed my own life up, and said I deserved the times I had been abused in my life. (We had be [..] View

Random Game Freezing, Most Common in Warzones

9:17 pm, January 4, 2014 For awhile now I've been having random game freezing and I've been unable to figure out the cause. It most commonly happens in warzones, but I've had it happen just randomly as I'm traveling around as [..] View

Worth sticking with jugg? PvP.

3:17 pm, January 4, 2014 So i've played juggernaut dps basicly since launch. I've had tons of breaks due to friends stopping and starting and so on. Now i'm back. Been back for a little while. Leveled 55. And started PvP'i [..] View

Game locks up on initial loading screen

9:17 pm, January 2, 2014 When I click play, it goes to the initial loading screen and stays stuck there. I can't get to the character selection screen. This started after I upgraded from windows 8 to windows 8.1 Below is [..] View

Why I really enjoy PVP

3:17 pm, December 31, 2013 We'll just stick to positives here - not saying it is perfect, but it can really be fun. So a little tale from last pm. Might be a little long, but it was good time. Last PM, running with my fir [..] View

Help drastic frame stuttering....

9:17 am, December 26, 2013 My game has was playing quite fine at a solid 35fps, now however there seem to be constant freezes..... where the fps will drastically drop for a second then it will go straight back up. It's incredib [..] View

Having Issues

3:17 am, December 23, 2013 Ive tired alot of stuff suggested iam running, win 8.1 and havnt been able to get the game to launch at all after i hit play i constantly get the program is not responding. dxdiag below [..] View

Question about the vengeance tree

8:01 am, December 22, 2013 within the last 24 hours i must have been told by at least 14 people that i need to rework my character into a pure tank. Why? Because I went vengeance tree with a focus on Strength/Endurance. I was [..] View

Suggested 'Annihilation' changes

9:17 pm, December 15, 2013 A word of explanation I am, always have and most likely will always be an avid fan of Annihilation spec. Im no pro gamer, just a casual who happens to do some random pvp once in a while, so I acknowl [..] View

Old Battlemaster/War Hero gear

9:17 pm, December 9, 2013 I just started PvP ing again after being away for awhile. I've read about the fact that using this armor pre=55 is harmful. Got that. But what about the gear itself - is it now basically useles [..] View

Sorc PvP: We're Asking For the Wrong Things

3:17 pm, December 4, 2013 Reposted from the Sorcerer forums for a wider audience. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [..] View

Ranked PVP Rewards Announcement

3:17 pm, December 2, 2013 ETA on Ranked PVP Rewards Announcement? Just wondering what BW is up to since ques are dying out and nobody is willing to wait 6 months for something that can probably be done in less than a week. [..] View

Vicious Slash animation / damage / text feels off

9:17 pm, November 20, 2013 I started playing my Vengeance Jugg more heavily and my OCD has locked in on Vicious Slash' animation! This is my personal observation and a potential fix. When you cast VS you (instantly deal d [..] View

How to be awesome in GF PuGs

3:17 pm, November 19, 2013 Most of us, if not all of us, who run group finder content, have met them. Thoroughly mindblowingly awesome uber leet guys (or gals) that leave you completely speechless, staring in disbelief at their [..] View

Need, Greed, Pass?

9:17 am, November 18, 2013 Hi, I feel like I'm asking about the holy scriptures here. But I never realised quite how serious people take this. Not particularly at myself thankfully as I picked up on it at an early stage an [..] View

Balmorra Dread Seed area graphic bug

9:17 pm, November 15, 2013 I've seen this issue ever since I first visited this are back when RotHC came out (or did the seeker/macro missions come out with 2.0?). Regardless, this is a wierd graphics glitch with rendering dis [..] View

Negative Performance Spikes

5:44 pm, November 6, 2013 Hi, For the past few days I've been getting bad spikes in my framerate. I will get 60 fps for a bit, then a drop into the single digits. I've been averaging around 30 though. Before this week I was [..] View

The Original Free-to-Play Launch Cartel Coin Bonuses

10:17 pm, November 2, 2013 So, many moons ago, there was a "reward program" that was supposed to grant Cartel Coins based on various things for previous subscribers. This included, but wasn't limited to, coins f [..] View

There is no reward for losing less badly on NC

7:47 pm, October 20, 2013 Unless your team never loses, this scenario should be familiar. Your team is getting rolled in Novare Coast. It doesn't look totally hopeless, but... View

Seeking advice

10:17 pm, October 19, 2013 I am a returning player seeking advice as far as PvP is concerned. I won't ask which class is the most OP, as I've always hated playing FotM classes. I ask you which class do you believe brings the mo [..] View

Serioius FPS issues. CSR Please look and address appropriately without a bot.

5:36 am, October 19, 2013 On 6/6/2012 i believe there was a patch or the day after. Regardless, i had been running SWTOR on low setting because my computer cannot handle... View


Does Doc ever become less, well... skeevy?

Dec 11, 2014, 9:26 pm So, I've just hit Balmorra on my Guardian, and run into Doc. This is my first Knight, and I was thinking of trying the romance since I skipped that on my Trooper. Unfortunately now that I've met Do[..] View

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