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FP Bosses droppin through the floor. Hurray.

3:24 am, February 26, 2017 It would be quite lovely if one of ever other Master boss didn't phase through the floor and become unlootable... It didn't entirely bother me on Veteran because It was only a few minutes of my time t [..] View

Couple random bits of news for PvP

4:24 am, October 22, 2015 -Implants and Earpieces are now craftable for levels 10 and 12. Hurray! - someone was chatting that the bounties now include PvP bounties you pick on the fleet for heroic/auto-flagged areas. So, OWPv [..] View

Looks like i was completely wrong about this game [Force-Sarcasm warning]

4:17 pm, October 18, 2013 So firstly i read BW admit they gave maras too much damage, they'r fix? nerfing undying rage, because no one knows to stun them at the moment they pop that apparently. Good job BW secondly apparentl [..] View


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