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Copero Solo with a Sage... help?

3:24 pm, November 29, 2017 Okay, first let me preface this by saying a few things about me as a player. 1. I have been playing this game as a subscriber since beta, I even have the special 5-year subscriber reward. 2. I don't [..] View

A plea to devs

3:24 pm, November 14, 2017 Now, I realize that this is a long shot and the staff may not have enough time or resources to do something like this, but it would be nice to test out at least - I know it's worked in other games. M [..] View

The new Meta I want in 6.0

4:24 am, May 22, 2017 Okai Bioware. Since you have gotten your fill of making each major update about creating the new "FOTM" here are some ideas of my own that I would like you to consider in making classes godl [..] View

Why operatives are not OP.

4:24 am, May 13, 2017 It seems people are under the notion that operatives are godly warriors that dominate everyone in every direction from across the map. Rifle shot and Frag Grenade are even brought into question. Low y [..] View

Marauders are OP!

4:24 pm, September 8, 2016 Okay I jumped the gun. Yet if what I've seen is correct in 5.0 maras will be absoutely Godly. So prepare your complaints now!! I saw a mara run laps around a pt! A mara resisted all my damage for [..] View

Fotm and focus fire

4:24 am, September 3, 2015 A big factor in whether a class is considered FOTM or not is the ability to live thru focus fire. The "bad" classes dont have an ability to survive a chain stun + focus fire (currently snipe [..] View

movement impairment immunity in pvp

4:24 pm, May 29, 2015 recently swtor has started giving movement/stun immunity to melee classes. i personally feel like that is too op, and wanted to get the communities thoughts on it. specifically, without stuns and kno [..] View

Commando/Merc Set bonus

4:24 pm, March 16, 2015 Since the expansion neither the Commando or the Merc 4 piece "healing" set bonus works. Apparently it is possible to reset the Merc one by taking off enough gear to lose the set bonus then [..] View

Have to repair this damn game at LEAST once per week...

3:24 pm, November 5, 2014 I'm getting very very tired of having to repair, restart, re-this, re-that...And right now I have an ungodly slow download speed, so it makes for a very frustrating time. I am constantly getting crash [..] View

Having a HARD TIME logging in sometimes.

4:24 pm, October 12, 2014 I resetted the bitraid folder, made all not read only, searched for viruses, closed other applications, closed antivirus and firewall, flushed pc with ccleaner, and even complained on my internet prov [..] View

NiM Corrupter laser bug

10:17 pm, April 17, 2014 http://www.twitch.tv/krakataugodly/c/4062988 would suggest you skip to 2:20 as my clipping skills are sub par. If you watch my mini map around 220 you will see the corrupter zero jumps into the ai [..] View

Launcher does not work

3:17 pm, January 3, 2014 My friend Godly_Ginger_Guy is having difficulty with his launcher the "Play" Tab does not highlight and does not let him launch the game but he can get as far as logging in also the re [..] View

balance check sage/sorcs...going forward

3:17 am, December 31, 2013 we all know that a fully geared sorc/sage takes a ton of dmg. non geared, the dmg they take is just insane, ungodly, ridiculous. its just not competitive to fight against them. dont get me wrong othe [..] View

OP Operatives

2:23 am, November 21, 2013 So when we taking the big nerf bat and hitting this class hard with it?? Is it me or do they have ungodly amount of stuns and heals?? I do hope the... View

Class Balancing in PvP

7:42 pm, October 5, 2013 The last time we saw class balancing was in April with the release of the large patch you all made us purchase (cause lets face it, it's hard to call what we got an 'expansion') and now we as a commun [..] View

Arena Report

9:46 am, October 1, 2013 Arenas have been fun. Most fun I've had in SWTOR in over a year. It is surprisingly better executed than expected. Of course, it comes with its thorns and flowers which is what will be discussed in th [..] View

Godly lag and dc's when server came back up...

3:41 am, October 1, 2013 Did you guys add double the lag with the double expierence? View


Godly lag and dc's when server came back up...

Dec 14, 2014, 10:05 am Did you guys add double the lag with the double expierence?[..] View

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