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Need to vent PVP thread 2018

4:24 pm, April 18, 2018 I have a 57 sniper I last played a couple years ago, so decided to recreate a new sniper just to reacquaint myself with the abilities and to mess through the early class quests for fun. After doing H [..] View

Veteran pvper advice to newbies

4:24 pm, April 16, 2018 These are things that really trigger me in matches this past week when solo queuing as a healer. Take them as you will. 1) Stop pushing healers into their own back-line. The amount of times a jug ha [..] View

Mapping functions to the mouse

4:24 am, April 15, 2018 I am not exactly a new player. I have actually been around since the last few open beta But seem to have a continuous problem that I haven't found a solution for yet: I am using a five button mouse. [..] View

The 10 Solo **** Achievements

4:24 am, April 10, 2018 Have any of you gotten these? If so, how? I'd like knock out all the PVP achievements but I have yet to even come close to those ones. I think the most solo kills I've ever gotten in a match were 6, [..] View

4:24 pm, April 7, 2018 Hello, So I started to pick up my SWTOR-account and was happily surprised about the game itself and some changes it went through. Although I can’t say the same about the community. And when [..] View

Dear BioWare: Breaking Tanks =/= Fixing ******

4:24 pm, April 7, 2018 From a summary of the upcoming class changes: Quote: First, “***** tanks” are greatly overperforming in PvP. This is a player who is using a Tank Discipline but [..] View

Meme post from meme player. How to farm solo rating!

4:24 pm, April 3, 2018 Hi guys! You can hate me, you can envy me, but now I want to teach everyone how to get top places on leaderboard! Im going to say all rules and real examples, but all names will be changed. I will sa [..] View

Performance difference between 208s and max gears

4:24 pm, April 3, 2018 I just been focusing on getting my alts to 70, as usual I found myself having the most fun on my healers especially my sorc. I always enjoyed merc/sorc and sage/mando healers best, all the way back s [..] View

Unequal groups in PvP

4:24 pm, March 31, 2018 Dear Bioware developers, can you please tell us what the secret of your success is, how you almost always manage to create such unequal groups in PvP? And please don't tell me they sign up in group [..] View

fix the salty players on swtor.

4:24 am, March 28, 2018 There seems to be a great deal amount of players that queue for flash points and they are just in a super bad mood. They have no patience and are quick to call other people names. I thought of an idea [..] View

Izax 8m HC ****-Video and Video-Guide

4:24 am, March 25, 2018 Hey there, so we just downed the boss and as always released every information on the german forums. Because noone shares information on the english forum I post my guide in english as well. It is a [..] View

Izax VM's POV vid and written guide

4:24 am, March 25, 2018 Hello guys, this is Axomm Gm of <Aeon> on Satele Shan and today I'm linking you guys the guide to VM Izax and a video of our **** to help other groups be able to complete the encounter a [..] View

Are there classes you simply can not play, or some you have grown to love?

4:24 pm, March 23, 2018 I started out as a commando back in the day and switched to jugg later on. These day I mostly play Mara, Dps Jugg (lol) a bit of operative and some sorc healing on the side. But for the life of me I [..] View

5.0 destroyed Swtor

3:24 pm, March 7, 2018 I'm sorry but PVP is terrible now. The class imbalance is disgusting. I've been playing since launch and all I can say is you ****** it... whoever decided merc/mando needed two shields with such l [..] View

Fixes to Backfilling: Thank you but now teach a lesson.

3:24 am, March 7, 2018 First off I'd like to stress thank you! Thank you for addressing a pertinent issue as it developed relatively quickly. However the fixes to backfilling where not the type of reaction needed. Backfil [..] View

Mercs and Maras in ranked.

3:24 am, February 25, 2018 Let's talk mercs and maras in a general sense in ranked. As a brief introduction I do not want this to become a "nerf merc" or "nerf mara" or a QQ fest about how they are OP, but i [..] View

3:24 am, February 21, 2018 So with all the uproar and wringing of hands about ***** tanks, I finally felt the need to put in my $0.02. I first started PvP’ing with the Dark vs. Light event (since it was a requirement [..] View

Deleting duplicate stronghold

3:24 am, February 21, 2018 I want to delete one of my post-merge duplicate strongholds. I just am tired of always having to tab to second page to go to the one I use the most (Nar Shaddaa). And don't plan to decorate so many [..] View

Two patients in pvp. And you can not do anything?

3:24 pm, February 17, 2018 I think this is known to most players on Satel Shan server. In pvp come two. One (Phobos) simply stands and takes damage, or hides, and the second runs around in circles and spam - Phobos is god, phob [..] View

Some quick tips on assassin tanking?

3:24 am, February 16, 2018 Could anyone point me to an reasonably updated guide, or perhaps scribble down a few tidbits on basic sin tanking? Some questions:1) Do sins go for shield and absorb stats, or health like juggernauts? [..] View

Open pvp

3:24 pm, February 5, 2018 *I am from the german forums, so please excuse my sloppy english. :cool: Hi folks. Back in the days i always enjoyed beeing flagged for PVP in the Open World. But the DEVS in all thier wisdom disabl [..] View

Why I'm done - bye all and good luck!

3:24 pm, February 4, 2018 Having played SWTOR since launch mainly to enjoy PvP it's time to leave. Played so long I can remember at the beginning everyone laughed when you brought a merc to pvp!:) I've played regularly on mo [..] View

Nahut for Knuckleheads

3:24 am, January 24, 2018 Hey there everyone, I noticed earlier, both in-game and around the subreddit and forums, that a lot of the more casual players here still have got NO idea what the heck is going on during the Nahut fi [..] View

sith or jedi?

3:24 pm, January 22, 2018 so recently came back to SWTOR after not having played since 2012, alot have changed from what i can see so i wanted to hear about the different sides. i used to always play sith and thought about do [..] View

Imps on Star Forge - Please play pub side we need the help

3:24 am, January 22, 2018 I spend all day playing vanguard and win one match. Always top dps for my team despite being in 230 gear and being a glass cannon with no heals. Most pubs average 400k dps per match and are blissfully [..] View

Reach of Brontes - Why are so many people still dying to these?

3:24 am, January 21, 2018 I honestly think I have never died due to the Reach of Brontes. However, in just about every single run of DF I do, at least one person dies to these. It's not always newbs either, it's people that [..] View

SoR keeps sending me to Veteran Fp

3:24 am, January 21, 2018 So, as always when I level a toon, I use SoR at 53 to level faster. It now seems to be putting me into the Veteran Flashpoint instead of the story. I abandon it twice, but still puts me back into the [..] View

New Player Guide - updated!

3:24 pm, January 19, 2018 Folks, I just updated my "all you wanted to know about SWTOR but were afraid to ask" site, go & read & be merry. Address: https://goo.gl/USgCj8 Comments always welcome - ho [..] View

Make solo ranked cross-faction

3:24 pm, January 19, 2018 I think it’s time to add a cross faction queue for solo ranked. There would only be benefits if this was implemented. It would fix issues of players queue syncing one side to get an advantag [..] View

Reasonable changes to arenas/warzones in 2018 we pray for.

3:24 pm, January 19, 2018 One more Warzone: (Surprise us), Also sad that we will likely never see a new Huttball due to the negative reaction to Queshball. :mad:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmUx10I18I The hype was real &q [..] View

PvP Bug ?

3:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hey. A while ago i made a ticket because i thought i may have a pvp bug. It was happening account wide on all my characters even if they were geared or not. I wasn't sure because i have never been goo [..] View

H2 Star Fortress by Oneself

3:24 am, January 14, 2018 What's the best way to do a Heroic 2 Star Fortress by yourself? My jk, con, and sith warrior all have 246 level equipment and my companion with the highest influence is Lana Beniko at 50 but once I ge [..] View

Not Gonna Fix the Queue System.. Eliminate The leaderboard

3:24 am, January 12, 2018 ticket I wrote back in 12/04/2017 Me: "Hey guys, you have to fix the queue system on rank..its not working as intended..always always always queue with the same team..its not working as intende [..] View

so you think you're good at pvp? think again.

3:24 pm, January 3, 2018 I'm an original preorder, I ordered the game 9 days after the press release in aug 2010. Since then ive pretty much been playing the same character. My character has 208 days of /played time, yet st [..] View

Is 242 Bolster too low?

3:24 am, January 3, 2018 After reading through Hotties and Rambol’s link to how Bolster currently works and what the current gear is being scaled up to, I want to discuss the current Bolster lvl. (These are the lin [..] View

removing the q times of team ranked

3:24 am, January 2, 2018 especially after the server merge are many teams qd,mat farmers are also always around so can we have a remove of the q times? high elo peopel are sitting generally 30mins in q for getting +2 (while a [..] View

Premades and Yavin.

3:24 am, December 29, 2017 I’m usually a premade fan even though I don’t participate in them much anymore. But with Yavin, I think they need to be removed or at least have two types of queue to help allevia [..] View

Yeah you already know this, but how to counter throwers/trolls in solo ranked queue.

3:24 am, December 29, 2017 I enjoy solo ranked. It is a thrill to have a random team versus playing the same 4 people over and over again. For better or for worse, if matchmaking works as intended some matches can get intense. [..] View

Assault on Tython Bug?

3:24 am, December 26, 2017 I've run through Shadow of Revan numerous times so far and have always had the Assault on Tython flashpoint (all of them, actually) auto-bestow in the SOLO mode. However, this newest run with a level [..] View

Acquire Focus Target's Target in pvp for DPS is a problem.

3:24 pm, December 24, 2017 For those who don't know, there is a "secondary target" frame called "Focus Target". You can't effectively target them without using a modifier or swapping it to target frame with [..] View

Guild Invites During Matches

3:24 am, December 24, 2017 Has anyone else had this happen? A couple of my PVP toons are in guilds but some are not, and when I'm playing the ones who aren't I'll sometimes get a guild invite popup in the middle of a match, al [..] View

Saturday Night Open - Satele Shan Recurring Tournament [1 v 1]

3:24 pm, December 23, 2017 SATURDAY NIGHT OPENNo matter if you want to make your fortune, chase glory, make your money betting on fights or simply spectate, this is the place to be. Bi-weekly - saturday nights!To start out, thi [..] View

What is the weird aversion to "west" and "east"?

3:24 pm, December 18, 2017 This is just a strange trend I've noticed when WZ-ing. Whenever people are calling out for help in Voidstar, Civil War, etc, it's always "left" or "right" or "grass" or [..] View

With a new WZ, is it time for an 8 man and 4 man queue.

3:24 pm, December 13, 2017 This has been a contentious topic since they implemented arena. There have people who always said we didn’t have enough maps or it would **** the queues. But since the mergers and the incent [..] View

Companions plus another question

3:24 am, December 10, 2017 was there always companions ? I started playing going on 8 weeks ago now, and been wondering about that since my first companion. seems odd to me, since the game is grouped focused , but just add [..] View

(new) Old Player w/ some ?s

3:24 pm, November 27, 2017 I haven't played this game in a few years, but I'm getting back into it, and I'm enjoying it. There's been a lot of changes that I'm still getting used to. One thing that I noticed (and I liked it) [..] View

PVP in this game is a complete ****

3:24 pm, November 19, 2017 You guys tried to copy and paste WoW mechanics at the beginning and you never changed idea on that for years, but the HUGE amount of shields, self heal and CC alwasy destroyed the balance and the enjo [..] View

Solo Rated matchmaking system (Season 9)

3:24 pm, November 16, 2017 SummaryI'm not the best sorcerer healer. But I'm definitely not the worst. Todays games:20 games played as sorcerer healer 5x tank/healer games where my team didn't have a tank 9x 3d 1h games where [..] View

Stuck with Destroying The Star Fortress - need help!

3:24 pm, November 11, 2017 Okay, So far I have completed everything with the Star Fortress mission to this point where I now have the six planet Flashpoints. This is what shows on my screen: Alderaan: Destroying The Star Fortr [..] View

Warhammer Guild

4:24 am, October 26, 2017 I have recently put together a guild called "Warhammer"(Empire, Red Eclipse server). I am here looking for dedicated officers with time and experience to help build, organize and run various [..] View

Need help understanding Parsley results/Accuracy effects in PVP.

4:24 pm, October 17, 2017 After reading about parsley on the forums, I thought that It might be a good idea to try it out to see what different stats do. I only tested it on Fury and Annihilation because these are the specs I [..] View

flashpoint attention

4:24 pm, October 8, 2017 Bioware, you really need to take a look at flashpoints. I always thought tactical mode was a mistake but there is nothing I can do about it . The problem is some tacticals are overtuned and harder tha [..] View

Anyone still playing?

4:24 pm, October 2, 2017 Hey all! I started playing pretty casually very recently. I'm at the point where I would like to join a casual guild for a little more social interaction. /wave at the one person who seems to be on w [..] View

Referal Link

4:24 pm, September 24, 2017 My referral link is down below! I'm always subscribed so my link is always active! New Players: Quick Travel Pass + 5x Minor XP Boost + Inventory Module Previous Subs/Preferred Players: Free 7 Days [..] View

Post your best fake class change here and lets see who actually gets one right!

4:24 am, September 22, 2017 "Due to the nerf that hit mercs and them underpreforming for the past few weeks, we have decided that mercs need a damage bonus. Tracer missle will now deal 10% more damage and will proc into rai [..] View

How someone can get good ratings in Solo Ranked?

4:24 pm, September 21, 2017 Thats the question. Been playing a lot of matches and looks like I'm ****ed up for the rest of the season. Always I que there is a thrower that will leave match or some useless bad in the team (bad [..] View

get rid of ranked daily/weekly

4:24 pm, September 15, 2017 I can't count how many times someone has said that they are only there for the daily or weekly. It's almost always someone with no clue how to pvp or gear. This is just one of the many problems with t [..] View

Sentinel watchman build for PVP

4:24 pm, September 15, 2017 Hello everyone, I have a question, the sentinel wacthman how much should have for critical, accuracy and alacrity for a good performance in PVP. my status is currently: Accuracy (110%) with bonus [..] View

Some PT Buffs.

4:24 pm, September 4, 2017 Let's see some AP PT DPS buffs please. Not interested in defensive cd buffs since I think there is already enough ****** save me buttons in the game as is (Looking at you Maras/Mercs/Snipers) Also to [..] View

This is how Solo Ranked Matchmaking works...

4:24 am, September 4, 2017 Was doing some searching about the topic and found a post on reddit that is the best explanation I found so far. So for those wondering here it goes: Author: [COLOR="Teal"]mistermehAnothe [..] View

Detalited explanation of how Ranked matchmaking works.

4:24 pm, September 3, 2017 Was doing some searching about the topic and found a post on reddit that is the best explanation I found so far. So for those wondering here it goes: Author: [COLOR="Teal"]mistermehAnothe [..] View

Returning Player - What server to play on .... ?

4:24 pm, September 2, 2017 So I've played the game on and off since release, I always take a break every 6 months or so. I'm coming back and basically just want to know what server is the most populated on East Coast. I was on [..] View

Feedback on Umbara 242 gear rating restriction

4:24 pm, August 30, 2017 Dear Devs, I have to say for the past days I have been quing for the Umbara Master Mode FPS and you could really notice that you dont just get any kind of people into the FPS. Sure, its hard to say i [..] View

Best tactics for arena acid?

4:24 pm, August 27, 2017 How to be the last one to die in acid game or it depends on class? I always die faster than enemy even if i had full hp when acid started and i didn't take any damage. I heard operative and sniper shi [..] View

My thoughts on "crisis on umbara" update. (bugs, design choices i dont like... jucy!)

4:24 pm, August 26, 2017 first off i want to say i am not hating on the update or the game. and i will try not to include spoilers. BUGS: most of the kolto stations does not work/activate when you step on them, this is the c [..] View

No offense to anyone but... How do I not get bored after playing 3 days straight?

4:24 pm, August 22, 2017 I love that you can make choices in this game, I also love the combat, it's my favorite mmo/mmorpg ever and yet I always get bored after a few hours of gameplay, idk if it's the lack of combat because [..] View

I'm TIRED of how Ranked works.

4:24 pm, August 18, 2017 This is something like a rant, so feel free to move over. Today I lost 70+ rating due to how Ranked works, and this is the last time that this happens as I won't renew my subscription for a very long [..] View

Guilds in Flashpoints (help me understand)

4:24 am, August 18, 2017 TLDR: go to paragraph 3 So I pug a lot of FPs (MM and VM) for Conquest. Across 10 or so characters so I try to get in 20 fps a day. In the evenings I'm basically just chaining them at 4, 5 or 6 an ho [..] View

Hatred Assasin 5.3 and PVP. Alacrity for DoTs

4:24 pm, August 15, 2017 I am going to get straight to the point. Hatred Assasin: How good is it in 5.3 PVP ? Can it finally work in ranked arenas and do I need alacrity for DoT's specs if SO WHY DO I NEED IT, if NOT why I D [..] View

Isn't it time to balance PvP as a whole @Bioware

4:24 am, August 14, 2017 I've played this game since open beta, Dec 2010 is here. And I have seen this game go from then to now, and I would think its about time we look from a perception of reasons why we need to be least he [..] View

CXP at rank 300, with legacy buff reduced?

4:24 pm, August 10, 2017 How can this be the case? Every toon I have at rank 300 is gaining less CXP than those in ranks 1-299. For example, weekly personal conquest, without any buffs, winning states, etc, as shown on the m [..] View

I'm New to PVP, Help?

4:24 am, August 8, 2017 So, I want to get into PVP since it's ALWAYS been a dead-zone in any MMO, but I'm a bit clueless on any "ins and outs." Anything specific I need to do or work towards to get a good PVP DPS [..] View

Petition to change top 96 titles

4:24 am, August 5, 2017 Dear Eric, Keith and combat team. We don't want "on fire" title for 9 months of waiting. We want normal top 96 titles with advanced class name in it. Something on the level of "All-gal [..] View

Operation Guides | All Operations Explained & Fully Narrated For New Players

4:24 pm, August 3, 2017 Hello folks! My name is Sam (AKA SWTOR Central), I have set out on a huge goal, create an operation guide for EVERY operation in the game. We'll start out with Story Mode (With some of the key Vete [..] View


4:24 am, July 31, 2017 Alright, a month or two ago I said id be unsubbing by august if changes didn't come to this game for the better. Well its august. And as I expected, nothing. Such a shame what you did to this game. It [..] View

Billing my account problem...

4:24 am, July 30, 2017 Most of the time, I don't have a problem because the charge goes through on the first of each month. The problem is, I'm on a fixed income and I rarely have anything int he bank on the 31st type mo [..] View

Well, I kind of agree with you

4:24 am, July 29, 2017 I never believed in it. And i still do not believe and i am trying to find explanations for all this.I'll start from the beginning. But I will try to state briefly.I was feeling bad. And I decided to [..] View

What is the deal with the rakghoul plague?

4:24 pm, July 23, 2017 Perhaps this is a noob question, but it is something I've always wondered but never knew the answer to... Why are there are so many people with Stage 1 Rakghoul infection in PVP warzones? In at least [..] View

Not seeing videos with friends?

4:24 am, July 22, 2017 So me an my husband made two characters together, whenever we play, we always get our videos/choices together for the quests were on, minus the few here an there that are personal. My mom joined toda [..] View

Ideas, and be critical.

4:24 pm, July 21, 2017 Okay. First off, I'm on JC. As you'd expect, there are only 1-2 queues going at a time. I have some ideas w/ PvP queuing just give me your feedback. 1) Allow people to queue for both Regs and Ranked [..] View

Considering playing

4:24 am, July 16, 2017 So I originally was a founder way back when but ended up never really making it to max level, enjoyed the class stories but hated having to do all the other filler quests to get levels to finish class [..] View

Ranked Arena Strategy suggestions. Who to focus ?

4:24 am, July 16, 2017 I've playing a couple dozen ranked matches recently on TRE with more or less success, but I thing I always find debatable is the strategy our team uses to approach to match. Who should be focused fi [..] View

My Pvp Experience as a PVE Player

4:24 pm, July 14, 2017 A month or so ago I put up a post here in the PvP forum asking for advice on how to do PvP and up my valor so I could unlock some of the decorations gated behind valor. First, let me say that the peop [..] View

So the "nerf" operatives has started

4:24 am, July 13, 2017 I'm starting to see those nerf operatives posts appear in some threads in this forum and also on some third party sites, I'm not suggesting they should be nerfed, I don't think there has been enough [..] View

Please remove the ELO based matchmaking system from solo ranked.

4:24 am, July 9, 2017 I've been doing some research on how the this stupid matchmaking works in ranked because it's a total nutter sometimes. I've also been reading that they are planning to improve ranked and I thought [..] View

Corruption and Alacrity.

4:24 pm, July 5, 2017 Now before I post this thread, I've done some re-search and haven't found alot of recent posts, so rather than resurrecting one, I'm gonna ask on my own thread. Now this question has crossed my mind [..] View

Republic Ranked - The Red Eclipse

4:24 pm, July 4, 2017 I love playing ranked because arena is first of all my favourite wz. It is also where you meet the best pvp'ers. I see the imperial streamers get pops all the time, but it rarely pops on the republic [..] View

GF need to change

4:24 am, July 4, 2017 i do a lot of FP mostly with GF but the problem is there way to many dps classes and i play healer nice for them but the problem with vet ore master mode its a pain in the butt for a healer to e [..] View

Stealth and Balance

4:24 pm, July 3, 2017 Full disclosure, I am not a fan of stealth in SWTOR because it seems like just a bonus to the classes who get it with no counter for most other classes. So what balances stealth in SWTOR? Are the [..] View

<Berserk> Sale Runs

4:24 pm, July 1, 2017 Hi there, we, the guild <Berserk>, are now selling close to everything obtainable/achievable in Nightmare Operations. The sale runs will take place on the German (EU) Server T3-M4. Afte [..] View

can't login after game is not launch.

4:24 pm, June 29, 2017 the first is i just login as always and launch the game but game windows did not start up so i try to click on swtor icon and login again but it's goes to some sort of error maybe what can i do? thi [..] View

Gungus Boga

4:24 am, June 29, 2017 Is it just me, or is this fight a load of bull? Anyways, I can get him down to 1/3-4 health. However, by then, there are too many adds and traveling around the arena is literally impossible. I'm alwa [..] View

Class Rotations by Bioware

4:24 am, June 28, 2017 This is just a suggestion to Bioware. Since all of the class buffs/nerfs are based on what someone at Bioware parses at or tests, how about you guys posting rotations for each of the classes. I know t [..] View

Missing alot of attacks!

4:24 am, June 28, 2017 I have been grinding a lot of story quests and I get furious that when I'm fighting higher levels than me I ALWAYS miss, For example (Me) Lvl 23 vs (NPC) Lvl 28. I'm DPS so instead of dealing damage I [..] View

New Invasion Mode PVP Operation [Daily Event] 12 vs 12 players.

4:24 pm, June 26, 2017 Hello. This might look like bit like tower defenze mode,but why not ? swtor need some interesting event,and very badly and very soon. So plan is simple ,12 vs 12 [this number could be subject to ch [..] View

agent roll in huttball end zones

4:24 am, June 24, 2017 since bioware doesn't allow jedi and troopers to jump into the end zone anymore since that has been disabled you should also disable any other movement effects on agents, and shadows and other classes [..] View

Opening Cartel Packs Depressed me

4:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Hey everybody i just wanted to share with you my experience spending $140 dollars worth of my hard working money on cartel packs and i am very very very disappointed with the end results smh. i just [..] View

guilds and xp what should i expect?

4:24 pm, June 22, 2017 When it comes too guilds in swtor . find one that has 1 a guild ship,2 10% bonus,and please be patient with guild members, there is only so much time to devote .ask question, expect nothing ,and be a [..] View

Are class faction mirrors 100% balanced the same?

4:24 pm, June 17, 2017 Are the mirror classes on each faction doing the exact same abilities? same cast times? same damage? "ve read some stuff about some differences between spells that could make a pretty difference [..] View

***** of the Lightning Sorc

4:24 am, June 16, 2017 The title says it all... The methods described in the balance thread from Bio show that Lightning will always be one of those bottom feeder classes. The fact that they've even discounted putting it i [..] View


How can I always target what the tanks is targeting?

Dec 26, 2014, 11:25 am Hi peeps, How can I always target what the tanks is targeting? Im mainly (but not always) range DPS, but when I play in a group in say a...[..] View

Why is game always loading when I switch between worlds to pvp warzones?

Dec 26, 2014, 7:36 am this is getting on my nerves, loading causes my HDD to run non stop for like 5 minutes, then I got kick out of pvp warzones due to not able to...[..] View

SWTOR always uses primary monitor on multi-monitor system - how to change?

Dec 15, 2014, 7:21 am I suspect this is a request for game enhancement as I see no formal method to achieve this, unlike WOW. I run multiple monitors and I have a very hi-res monitor for game play - I do not want this [..] View

Why warriors will always win in TOR.

Dec 14, 2014, 8:18 am The answer is simple... Star Wars lore. Warriors always win... Darth Maul: Double bladed light saber, Assassin (DEAD) Killed by Obi'wan...[..] View

I always get disconnected from a server after playing for a while [Error 9000]

Dec 14, 2014, 7:43 am I get Error 9000 and kicked out of the game. My network is fine, but in game i suddenly get from 70 ping to 15000 ping :confused: I need help to...[..] View

Fortitude stims not always work

Dec 14, 2014, 5:17 am I am a guardian, i saw this in Soresu form with defense spec. I start with 31 K HP, i use nano-infused fortitude stim - now i have about 33K HP. I enter warzone i have 31 K HP. I end warzone and on [..] View

Companion lightsaber always on

Dec 14, 2014, 1:36 am After the update all of my lightsaber using companions(on both my main and alt) are having their lightsabers always turned on. I try sending them on...[..] View

Predictable pugs always do the same!

Dec 13, 2014, 9:15 pm Why is it that pugs ALWAYS do the same? _Ancient Hypergate_: Pugs will always run to the left pylon. It's "our" pylon. The other one is "their"...[..] View

Random Second Loading Screen That Always Gets Stuck

Dec 13, 2014, 7:56 pm When I go to enter a new area, such as going from a planet to my ship or from my ship to fleet, I get a loading screen, the one with the blue bar on the bottom that shows progress and a blue gear thin[..] View

swtor always loses connection to internet

Dec 13, 2014, 7:24 pm this has been happening for a while, im playing and then i get suddenly no bars and my internet is perfectly fine. once it kicks me out i can log right back in to swtor. this can be VERY frustrating [..] View

Rage spec will always be best for maruader

Dec 13, 2014, 7:22 pm this is a video of a patch 1.0 maruader using rage spec 1.2 is basically making rage even better ...[..] View

Patcher is always encountering errors

Dec 13, 2014, 7:14 pm Every time I have to patch I have to deal with a massive repair because some stupid file does not patch properly. YES - I have followed all your...[..] View

whats a pvp class that will always be enjoyable

Dec 13, 2014, 5:08 pm i kinda want a class that is sttricly pvp and will alwawys be decent, is this to much to ask[..] View

Abilities not always activating

Dec 13, 2014, 3:54 pm Hi! Ive had this problem ever since i started play Swtor, problem occurs a lot especially when i push the buttons many times in a row. Any...[..] View

I always have to enter my security question.

Dec 13, 2014, 2:52 pm Every single time I login i have to enter my security question. Also, if I get it wrong I can't use backspace. I have to close the program and login...[..] View

Always 3vs4

Dec 13, 2014, 9:25 am My last 4 Pvp arena were a complete joke. 3 times my team started 3vs4 and the last time one guy left, leaving the team as 2vs4. Now... this is ridiculus. Why is that the matchmaker can't wait until 8[..] View

I cant always connect to the game

Dec 13, 2014, 9:10 am sometimes i cant log into the game sometimes im stuck when your logo appers (when it tries to connect to server after i press play on luncher) ...[..] View

Op/Scoudrel always OP

Dec 13, 2014, 7:15 am A very enlightened post by one, Gillybear, really struck home with me, and I'm willing to do him one better. So long as the AC scoundrel/operative...[..] View

Operator IX: AoE doesn't always hit data cores

Dec 13, 2014, 7:09 am During the phase where you have to kill the Data cores in Operator IX fight, AoEs done on the cores are hitting and missing them randomly. For some...[..] View

fleet instance 1 almost always has too many people and runs like crud

Dec 13, 2014, 1:04 am Even if I turn the characters displayed all the way down, Fleet 1 runs like garbage if there is anything over 170 people. 120 is about as many as it...[..] View

Is the pvp queue broken or has it always been like this?

Dec 12, 2014, 11:10 pm To put it short and simple got 10 toons I play pvp with but for the last week since about the 22nd or so only my 1 healer toon has been able to get...[..] View

Always asking security question?

Dec 12, 2014, 8:12 pm well started a few days ago when i switched to a new machine. Now every login requires answering a security question. only mildly irritating but...[..] View

Live agent chat always greyed out

Dec 12, 2014, 6:22 pm Why under support is Live agent chat always greyed out as I am a subscriber and not F2P[..] View

Heroic Space Missions Always The Same?

Dec 12, 2014, 6:06 pm Okay, Has anybody else noticed the New Heroic Space missions Keep Repeating the same 3 over and over again? :mad: I believe the names are Baron...[..] View

Updated Windows 8 - SWTOR Always Not Responding

Dec 12, 2014, 3:52 pm I just installed the new Windows 8 update yesterday and when I tried to play the other day and today, launching SWTOR would screw up my screen's resolution and then load in like the top left corner an[..] View

No matter what the update, Sages will always be the #1 target!

Dec 12, 2014, 3:47 pm Force barrier? lol yeah, more like - Ok i'll wait 10 secs and then kill you. Just today... 600k dmg Sure i did top dmg on my team but i also did...[..] View

Republic always wins...

Dec 12, 2014, 3:33 pm Well...80% of the time the republic side on TOFN wins every normal warzone, even if they have premades or not. Why is this? Is it because kids want...[..] View

Warzone Training Dummy Always Level 55

Dec 12, 2014, 12:53 pm The warzone training dummy that is purchased through legacy used to match the level of the player on their ship. This made it useful for training... for warzones. Now it is always level 55, no matter [..] View

Tips please! Cause i feel like the PVP in this game is always bad a experience

Dec 12, 2014, 9:57 am I feel like my Juggernaut on jung ma is fodder. I have a full set of pvp armor (conquers armor) it is augmented and re modded multiple times (power suits defensive suits) but I still get killed fast [..] View

Cannot load one of my characters, it always crashes

Dec 12, 2014, 4:50 am I submitted a ticket about this, but its been 4 days with no response. I did the battle of ilum and at the end (after it was completed) when I hit...[..] View

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