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A strange thing happend on the way to mat farming...

3:24 pm, February 3, 2018 I started to look at the leaderboards. Dang it! Now I get mad at match throwers. :D I have to say though, group ranked was much more fun than solo. Even when we apparently won a bit too much and [..] View

Crew Skill Leveling sugestions

4:24 am, August 2, 2017 I have spent most of the time I have played this game leveling crew skills to make armor, grenades stems, etc... from my experience I have made a list of suggestions. On top of my suggestion, I had [..] View

Que dropping in ranked on TRE (3vs4)

4:24 pm, July 21, 2017 First of all my rating is around 1000 so i don't pretty much care but I am concerned about the other players. I don't que much for ranked now, due to the fact that rep side ranked on TRE is as it is. [..] View

I love swtor pvp

4:24 am, May 24, 2017 I know this is not a common type of thread, but I just wanted to let it be known. As a person who's played a lot of pvp mmo's, I like swtor the best by far. I've played rift, wow, wildstar, gw2, b [..] View

Harbinger PVP realism

4:24 am, May 18, 2017 First off, I'm going to apologize early to anyone who may feel offeneded. Ok now that that's out the way let me speak freely and truthfully I don't know who is playing PVP these days on the pub sid [..] View

please let us have our game back

4:24 am, March 31, 2017 Let me start by declaring I like this game. I like pvp the most but I also like the pve. I don't mind the merc cancer. I dealt with the sorc wars (lets not forget that was 2 years), I dealt with sma [..] View


3:24 pm, January 31, 2017 Does anyone remember when pretty much all burst specs could 100-0 you in under 10 seconds? Anyone remember when a Carnage Mara could wipe you in 3 GCDs if you didn't react quickly? When a Concealment [..] View

Could anyone summarise each discipline's playstyle?

3:24 am, January 25, 2017 Hey all, I'm a returning player that hasn't played since launch. Unfortunately I never really got into the game. Since WoW was my MMO of choice at the time I came into SWTOR with the same playstyle; I [..] View

Hotkey help

3:24 pm, January 6, 2017 So I just recently came back after around 2 years or so I was able to splurge and buy my own half decent desktop. I've been trying to get everything re-set up including some of my hotkeys. One of the [..] View

Fury Mara in PVP

3:24 pm, December 22, 2016 Been playing with Fury recently. Does anybody else prefer this spec (as opposed to Carnage)? I have always played Carnage, but after giving Fury a serious go... I might go Fury full time. Here are a [..] View

Returning player, got questions about what armor to go for and what's fun late game

4:24 am, September 14, 2016 So I made a lvl 60, did the new storyline (really fun) and finished it..waiting for my friend to do alliance missions so we can do the flashpoints together...now I don't really know what to do. I'd li [..] View

lesser known oddities about PvP

4:24 am, August 15, 2016 All you other people probably knew these, but I saw them just recently... Did you know that when you enter a PvP match, you are "Entering a Story Area"? I thought that was a bit weird. Di [..] View

An amazing post by Overwatch's director PvPers should read

4:24 am, June 23, 2016 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overw...5504371#post-3 The full post is behind the spoiler. One of the most interesting and insightful things is the psychology that people bring to the game. Kaplan [..] View

Skipping Alliance System content

4:24 am, April 16, 2016 Hey, I'm still pretty much new, only been playing for about two weeks maybe a bit more. I'm in the middle of KOTFE and I'm at the building alliance content. To be blunt. I freaking hate it. I'm only [..] View

@Bioware, can you comment on the possibility of cross-faction ranked arenas?

4:24 pm, April 7, 2016 Now that the new warzone is cross-faction and the line was crossed, can we please get a position on the possibility of implementing cross-faction to the ranked scene? This'd help greatly in servers w [..] View

Static Barrier

3:24 pm, March 11, 2016 This is mostly TL;DR, but I've already done the analysis and theorycrafting research. This is one of seven areas that I am looking to dissect and learn the extreme finer points. I made a separate th [..] View

The devs do not pay attention on a WHOLE different level

4:24 am, August 2, 2015 So I have understood that PvP has been neglected for a long time. I only started playing this game last year so I haven't been here since the beginning of the ridiculous lack of customer service for [..] View

Bad Luck in Solo Queue

4:24 pm, July 31, 2015 Anyone else have it? Mines pretty awful. I've had four matches of 4v3 against me in a two day timeframe (three in one day), going against queue-syncing FoTM teams (although, this may be normal, not ba [..] View

Continueus Disconnetion that 'cuts' my internet connection.

4:24 pm, July 23, 2015 Hello all. I know this has been an issue for a while and that there other posts about it, however none of them seem to give a full solution to the issue (That i have managed to find anyway) Many of [..] View

Suggestion for group missions

4:24 pm, July 21, 2015 It would be really nice if you could use the group finder for missions that you have leveled out of due to the increased experience boost. It is really hard to complete those missions without a group [..] View

Cross Server Group Finder?

4:24 pm, July 11, 2015 Hello fellow pew pewers First off, I am new to this forum (although not new to the game). I apologize if this has been suggested before or if I am not in the correct forum section. Let me start by s [..] View

Concern about nerfs to dps for PVE content

4:24 am, April 9, 2015 According to this thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showp...&postcount=230 and the statement:We do want to avoid just buffing other classes up, and instead need to focus on bringing down [..] View

Objectives in Warzones.

4:24 am, March 29, 2015 Ok, first things first, warzones are not a ***** match (Unless arena) I know, we all wish they were but PvP has been shafted more often than not. So that aside... Learn to play objectives. Warzones [..] View

The mobility meta needs looking at

3:24 pm, February 11, 2015 The mobility meta has been messed up pretty badly with 3.0. Classes/specs have mobility abilities that they should just not have; for instance, 15 sec CD fast sprint that purges all mobility debuffs a [..] View

wheres my stipend?

3:24 am, February 4, 2015 01/02/2015 Subscriber Monthly Grant: 525 Cartel Coins i was told by support it would arrive by 8 AM on the 3rd ...its the 4th i still don't have it but when you do your billing you get your payment [..] View

Any tips?

3:24 am, January 27, 2015 Hello all. I'm a new player , however not new to MMO's. Was looking for a change and decided to try SWtOR. 37 levels later and I find myself subbed and on Hoth :). Had started 3-4 characters but [..] View

Maras need some changes to stay competative in pvp

3:24 am, January 9, 2015 Maras need some changes to stay competitive in pvp I will address the problems our class faces in regards to how carnage is preforming while trying to keep the other specs into perspective. The f [..] View

Hammer Station question

4:24 am, October 7, 2014 I've run HS tons of times and never noticed this before. Near the beginning of the Flashpoint, there's an "Exhaustion Zone" to the left where the "clickable" tanks are [..] View

Stun Resistance Stat

4:24 am, September 19, 2014 I was thinking about this today and was wondering if it would be feasible in this game, a stat that reduces the length of stuns. I think WoW has a stat like this and I know Wildstar has talents in the [..] View

CZerka Hardmode Corporate Labs

4:24 pm, August 19, 2014 All, I've been trying to do the hard mode group finder flashpoints, and the one that I consistently have trouble with is the HM Czerka Labs. I'm a Mercenary Healer with 162 gear all around with 3 p [..] View

Post Game Update 3.0

4:24 pm, August 12, 2014 With 2.9 coming in a week, 2.10 coming shortly after that, and 3.0 coming near the end of the year, I'm fairly excited to learn what 3.0 has to bring to the table. There's a lot of things that I hope [..] View

Quickbars/abilities deactivate just before attack

10:17 pm, April 2, 2014 Hi, I've tried filing an in-game ticket but my problem didn't seem to be understood as the response referred to clicking on the ground, or using hotkeys... and since tickets get closed right after [..] View

May we please have wardrobe?

4:17 pm, March 29, 2014 I am not saying to get rid of the mod/enh/etc. stuff with our weapons and clothing, however that set up should not keep us from having wardrobe options. If you don't use legacy gear then the curre [..] View

Items Lost Due to Lack of Inventory Slots

10:17 pm, March 18, 2014 So recently I just got back to playing SWTOR on my Republic Trooper character, and I had some mail from the times I was subscribed monthly. I collected the items in the mail with a few inventory slots [..] View

Possible companion bug with field revive

4:17 am, March 9, 2014 Server: Jung Ma Character: Treis, 55 Guardian Tank Date/TIme: March 9, 2014 12:00 am Setting: I'm working on my Oricon dailies on my guardian. I'm about to enter the cave and fight the subterot [..] View

Hall of Shame (suggestion)

3:17 am, February 12, 2014 Okay, I get that Pot5 is a PvP server, and I never complain when ganked by players higher than me. I tend to think it's rather pathetic, but I'm not going to whine about it. However... I think tha [..] View

Rework 2.6 Concealment Operative Changes

3:17 pm, February 4, 2014 Dear TaitWatson and CourtneyWoods and ChrisSchmidt and EricMusco, Let me start off by saying that I don't normally post on the forums for feedback, but I feel obligated to do so for this topic. [..] View

Stay Sentinel, Go Guardian...

3:17 am, January 22, 2014 So when I first started playing SWTOR, I created a Jedi Knight. I got to the Fleet, made her a Sentinel and went on my way. Then, I created a Sith Warrior, got to the Fleet, made her a Marauder, * [..] View

PVP Lockout

2:30 am, January 2, 2014 My friend and I enjoy playing PVP together! It's his primary means of leveling, even though he's F2P. Lately (past month)- we've run into a glitch or bug or somesuch that has prevented us from movi [..] View

Pug Groups and Master Looter?

3:17 pm, December 24, 2013 I'm not sure how I should feel or how acceptable this is, so I would like the communities opinion on the subject. :) Over 4 toons, I ran a total of 5 OPS (4 Xeno (SM&HM) and 1 TC) ... 4 out [..] View

What's with all the double and triple entries in the leaderboards lately?

3:17 am, December 16, 2013 What's with all the double and triple entries in the leaderboards lately? Moshkong appears three times at three difference ranks . Ranked 857, 2126, 2559 all at different ratings. Ironhide is no [..] View

Backfill - it's what's for breakfast!

9:17 pm, November 20, 2013 I know, you saw the word "backfill" and you thought this was a QQ thread. But NO! There have been a few positive threads on this board lately, and I want to see if we get enough of t [..] View

Opinion requested: Do you think the Marauder set bonus have room for modification ?

4:17 pm, October 31, 2013 Note: I am talking about PvE here. One of the big advantages of the current set bonus is that there is literally no penalty for switching specs while maintaining the same gear (and I am not saying [..] View

Launcher not downloading/ slow download, cannot select 'Play'

4:17 am, October 27, 2013 Hi, A friend of mine is having an issue logging in to SWTOR on his computer. He says that the launcher is stuck downloading and/ or loads slowly after selecting the 'Login' option, and that they 'P [..] View

Marauder DPS in PVE and PvP

12:14 am, October 11, 2013 So 2.0 has been out for over a month now and I am unable to find any factual information regarding specs/builds/rotations/stats etc for marauders. There's the usual strength vs power or rage vs carnag [..] View

Patch fail, downloading entire game

2:32 am, October 10, 2013 After several freezes patching to 1.4.3 I uninstalled the game and are now trying to install it again running it as an admin (although I already am... View

Unable to Do Anything During Fights

10:48 pm, October 7, 2013 When I encounter an enemy, my level 39 Sith Marauder can't fight. The only abilities that work are Force Scream and Smash. Otherwise, she just stands there regardless of what button I press (although [..] View

A Few Features i would like to see in Swtor to spice it up abit (plz Read)

11:41 pm, October 6, 2013 Hey guys TominatorBriss here just thought i can share on what id like to see added to the PVP mode in swtor Online betting battles - Bet credits and duel your opponent to win (some online games hav [..] View

Sticking with a class...

1:16 pm, October 2, 2013 Guys, I am hoping you can give me some help. I am having a ridiculously hard time sticking with a class. Choice paralysis, I guess. I have tried every advanced class at least to level 16-18 and I find [..] View

Game Time Card didn't give code. (Although was paid for)

1:39 am, October 2, 2013 Hello. So, as the title says, i bought a digital Game Time Card code for 60 days of play for my friend. I used his Origin account, but entered my... View

When are they going to get the game working propery?

4:53 pm, October 1, 2013 Is there ANOTHER major bug in this game... I just got my companion somewhat working again (Although anytime I mount sometimes randomly he will be... View

Choppy water and ship (coruscant) animations - with 60 FPS. Help!

12:09 am, October 1, 2013 For whatever reason, despite running at a constant 60 fps (capped because of vsync, i hate screen tearing), the animations of both water, and the background flying ships (on coruscant) are VERY choppy [..] View

SWTOR Saviour is a Hoax

8:42 pm, September 30, 2013 Do not use this site. The guides they promise are already available all over the internet, and their customer service is horrible. I never found any guides and I never gain "access" to [..] View


Game Time Card didn't give code. (Although was paid for)

Dec 13, 2014, 2:31 pm Hello. So, as the title says, i bought a digital Game Time Card code for 60 days of play for my friend. I used his Origin account, but entered my...[..] View

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