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SoR Prelude Issue

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Mar 21, 2015, 1:42 pm 5 years
I upgraded to SoR roughly 2 weeks ago, however I just got around to starting the prelude to continue leveling up my Jugg. To make a long story short, everything was fine until I got to the Depths of Manaan part II. I finished part I with no issue. After finishing part I, I logged for the night. The next day I completed Depths of Manaan and even got the rewards and comms.

I turned it in, but for some reason it glitched out and now I have to redo Depths of Manaan. I have no issue doing it again, however, it's only giving me tactical version since I've already done it solo. Because this is now soloable, I can't find people willing to help me go thru this.

I have a ticket in, but I feel I'm being punished for some glitch. Is it possible that a CS agent could bump my character to allow me to solo this again?

This is just so frustrating.

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